Barcelona Weather in October

Las Ramblas ( The Ramblas )
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When planning a trip to Barcelona, looking at the past years' weather patterns can be a good way to get a sense of what the weather will be like for your October Trip. October in much of Europe is a lot cooler by the end of the month than at the beginning. And, like in most places, in any particular month weather can be warm one year and cool the next.

October Temperatures in Barcelona

In 2017 the high temperature was 77 F (October 5) and 54 F (October 30).

The reported average was 67 F. In 2017 some days were sunny and others brought light rain or clouds. 

In 2016 the weather was similar to 2017 but in 2015, the high temperature was 84 F (October 6) and 50 F (October 15). The reported average was 64 F. That year the weather was cloudy most days with two days of thunderstorms. This gives a sense of the weather variation. 

Things to Do in October

In early October, consider heading outside Barcelona for a day trip to nearby Tarragona for the Castells Competition where groups build human towers. Nearby Sant Sadurní d'Anoia has its celebration of cava sparkling wine at its Cavatast festival.

Mid-October brings cooler weather. It's quite a bit colder at night so bring a light jacket. There are some unusual film festivals taking place with the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival and the Sitges International Fantasy Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges, near Barcelona.​

There aren't many weather changes between middle and late October in Barcelona. It may rain. In late October, the Barcelona Jazz Festival gets underway while there's also the Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film FestivalMany go to the Fires de Sant Narcis, with music, family activities and fireworks in Girona, near Barcelona.

Packing for an October Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is an upbeat, stylish, artistic city yet the dress is conservative. Since it may get chilly at night, a jacket (or shawl for women) is important and perhaps a raincoat for late October would be smart. There are beautiful churches to visit so respectful and modest clothing is a must.

October is a time of transition so darker fall and winter colors are appropriate. And, of course, don't pack any of those touristy stand-outs like white tennis shoes, country flag garments, and fanny packs!

As with most trips to Europe, walking shoes are necessary because you'll want to explore the city on foot and perhaps take in a festival in one of the outlying villages. You may encounter cobblestones in the towns and grass or dirt footpaths in the outskirts. 

Barcelona is a large city and has its share of pickpockets and people who may prey on tourists. Bring an under-the-clothing pouch or close-to-the-body purse with thick straps for passport and money. Don't put a large wallet in your back pocket, either. It's wise to leave some money and cards in a hotel safe while you are out and about in Barcelona.