November in Barcelona: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

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Barcelona is graced with relatively mild winters for Europe, along with hot summers. You won't be sunbathing in Barcelona in November, but it is very pleasant weather for sightseeing with temperate daytime temperatures that do not drop tremendously at night until the end of the month. As a bonus, tourist high season is over, so hotels and travel deals should be easy to find.

Barcelona Weather in November

November is considered a transitional seasonal month, so there can be days as warm as the high 60s F, with average monthly temperatures in the mid-60s. The weather tends to stay quite pleasant throughout the month, rarely hitting 68 F and usually not falling below 50 F until the end of the month. Large fluctuations in temperature are rare in Barcelona, due to the city's proximity to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Rainfall is always possible, especially in the fall, so carry an umbrella.

Early in the month, you will still experience some balmy evenings for terrace dining and evening strolls around the extremely walkable Catalan capital. As the month rolls on, the weather in Barcelona does not change much. However, by the time you reach late November, you will need to break out the sweaters and light jackets. You will still find some warm, sunny days, but temperatures begin to drop at night into the 40s F.

What to Pack

Barcelona can be tricky to pack for in November as it is a going through a seasonal transition. Some days it will feel warm and mild if the sun is out and there is no wind, but then it can feel noticeably cooler in a matter of hours.

So what does all that mean? Your best bet is to bring fall clothing. Wear layers and take things off as needed. You can bring shorts and skirts, especially if you're visiting early on in the month, but make sure you have a sweater or warm jacket and a pair of pants or two.

If you are visiting Barcelona for the nightlife, you've made a wise choice. There are nightclubs all throughout the city catering to all types of genres of music and lifestyles. Most clubs do have a dress code, so check ahead before you set off for Barcelona and pack accordingly.

November Events in Barcelona

  • Diada de Tots Sants (All Saints' Day): This event on November 1 is a public holiday celebrated by the locals who bring flowers to their deceased friends and relatives in the cemeteries. Also on this day, families get together to feast on seasonal produce, such as chestnuts and sweet potatoes. If you have local friends, don't be surprised if they invite you to their family's gathering.
  • Barcelona Jazz Festival: If you are in Barcelona anytime from late October until late November, don't miss this famous event. You'll be able to catch concerts throughout the month at various venues in the city and surrounding areas.
  • Independent Film Festival of Barcelona: Also known as L'Alternativa, meaning "the alternative," this festival focuses on supporting and promoting alternative film production. This November event allows cinema lovers to overdose on the screening of about 170 movies from all over the world each year. 2019 dates: November 11–17
  • Christmas festivities: The last two weeks of November bring the beginning of holiday celebrations with the lighting of Christmas lights around the city and the setting up of the huge ice skating rink in Plaça de Catalunya, the city's main square.

November Travel Tips

  • Overall, November is a great time to visit Barcelona. Expect low accommodation prices and fewer tourist crowds than most other times of year.
  • November 1 is a national public holiday, so expect shops and other small businesses to close for the day.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and possessions at all times. Petty crime such as pickpocketing is not uncommon in Barcelona, especially on public transportation.
  • You'll be understood if you speak Spanish in Barcelona, but to really win the hearts of locals, don't be afraid to try and say a few words in Catalan!
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