March in Barcelona: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Barcelona in March

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During March, the dreary days of winter come to an end in Barcelona and liveliness fills the streets. The welcome of spring comes with pleasantly mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine, a comfortable segue into a hot summer here in the capital of Spain's Catalonia region. The month of March technically falls in Barcelona's off-season—however, for travelers and locals, there's still plenty going on. It's the perfect time to immerse yourself in local culture and experience the authentic Spanish way of life without dodging hordes of tourists. From traditional festivals to free concerts, it won't be hard to have fun on your March trip to Barcelona.

Barcelona Weather in March

Temperatures in Barcelona during most of March usually mimic those of February, with a high of 62.6 F (17 Celcius) and a low of 51.8 F (11 C). Barcelona's proximity to the sea creates occasional cloud cover, yielding a cooling effect for the city during the first three weeks of the month. However, at the end of the month, it's not uncommon to experience 70 F (21.1 C) days. This may be a bit cool for sunbathing or swimming at the beaches, but it's a great temperature for exploring the city without breaking a sweat. Barcelona doesn't see much precipitation in March, with about 1.4 inches of rainfall on average. Instead, you'll likely enjoy an average of 12 hours of sunlight per day to complement the mild temperatures.

What to Pack

Throughout Spain, locals choose seasonal attire and won't be breaking out their shorts and sandals on an unusually warm spring day (this is the tell-tale sign of a tourist). Temperatures still aren't considered warm by this Mediterranean population. With pleasant nights and sometimes chilly evenings, consider packing clothes that can easily be layered like a short-sleeved shirt with a sweater and a lightweight jacket. Bring along a good pair of walking shoes and don't forget an insulated jacket if you'll be out and about at night experiencing Barcelona's iconic nightlife. Toss a compact umbrella into your bag (unexpected spring showers do happen in Barcelona), so you don't get caught off guard. Plentiful sunshine means that stylish sunglasses and a sun hat are a must, so bring them both and you'll fit right in.

March Events in Barcelona

Barcelona's fun-loving spirit and good vibes mean there's always a reason to celebrate, no matter what season it is. Take part in cultural merriment, like a traditional festival, or plan a free concert (complete with tapas) into your schedule. Check out the events below to get a taste of the city's culture during your March vacation.

  • Sant Medir Festival: This traditional event held on March 3 each year honors Sant Medir. Horses, carriages, and trucks wind their way through the streets of Barcelona's Gràcia neighborhood, while people throw candy (approximately 6 tons of it) and other sweet treats to eager spectators. At night, a candlelit ceremony takes place in Pla de Salmerón, where the city's mayor and other prominent figures greet the people.
  • Festival of Sant Josep Oriol: Around March 23 every year, a festival honoring another saint, Sant Josep, takes place in the Pi neighborhood of Barcelona. Festival highlights include legend reenactments, musical processions, a big parade on Sunday, and the distribution of hundreds of gold chocolate coins.
  • St. Patrick's Day: On March 17, wear your green clothing and head to one of the city's many Irish pubs to have a beer and mingle with the locals.
  • The Best of Barcelona Free Concerts: Listen to local musicians performing at Craft Barcelona, where guests can also enjoy artisan beers and tapas. This venue also hosts plenty of other events throughout the month.

March Travel Tips

  • March is one of the best times to visit Barcelona, as the tourist season doesn't start until later in the spring. The relatively low number of visitors means that accommodations can be inexpensive in March compared to more popular months.
  • Barcelona boasts a prevalence of delicious seasonal foods in March, like the local spring harvest of calçots (Catalan sweet onions). The chilly mornings also provide a great excuse to indulge in soul-warming churros con chocolate (fried dough snacks with chocolate) at a local café.
  • As for attire, anything goes on the beach. However, wearing skimpy clothing and swimsuits, as well as men going shirtless, is illegal in the city and subject to a fine.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How warm is Barcelona in March?

    Barcelona is a bit chilly in March, with an average high of 63 F and an average low of 52 F. However, it can get warm by the end of the month, with temps in the low 70s not uncommon.

  • Does it rain a lot in March in Barcelona?

    Barcelona doesn't get a whole lot of rain in March, as it sees an average of 1.4 inches of rainfall each year.

  • Is March a good time to visit Barcelona?

    March is a great time to visit Barcelona, particularly towards the end of the month when the weather is warm but not too hot. Plus, the city doesn't see a whole lot of tourists this time of year, so you can find great deals on accommodation.

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