Barcelona Weather in June

Averages, records and recent years' temperatures in Barcelona in June.

Caldetes Beach, Barcelona

TripSavvy / Jamie Ditaranto

Planning on visiting Barcelona in June? You're in for a treat weather-wise—this is Spain in summer; of course you'd expect the weather to be good. Throw in the city's unbeatable location on the Mediterranean coast, and you've got all the makings of an ideal summer getaway.

If you're planning your vacation months in advance, it's impossible to accurately predict what weather to expect. A quick Google search can give you average temperatures, but the weather is rarely average—such stats don't give you a sense of the highs and lows that you might expect. And even though, yes, the weather in Barcelona in June is generally pleasant overall, it's good to have an idea of exactly what could possibly happen in the forecast so you don't get caught off-guard.

In this guide, we've provided average temperatures and more weather data for Barcelona in June. This will give you an idea of exactly what to expect, so you can plan and pack accordingly—and make your trip as efficient as possible as a result. 

What Weather to Prepare for in Barcelona in June

June is one of the warmest months in Barcelona, with the weather consistently pleasant. Temperatures tend to make a big jump just before the middle of the month rolls around. It is usually dry in Barcelona in June, with precipitation usually arriving in the form of a light drizzle or a quick thunderstorm.

Which City Has Better Weather in June: Madrid or Barcelona? 

No matter where you go in Spain in June, you can expect generally pleasant, warm weather all around. Barcelona has slightly cooler days than Madrid in June due to its seaside location, but it's still nice and warm during the daylight hours. At night time, Barcelona is a little warmer than Madrid. Both cities tend to be dry.

Can You Go to the Beach in Barcelona in June?

Absolutely. Barcelona in June is especially great for sunbathing, with temperatures ranging from around 68 to 86 degrees throughout the month. The most centrally located (and, as a result, most popular) beach in Barcelona is Barceloneta, but it tends to be crowded and offers more of a touristy vibe. There are plenty of other fabulous beaches in Barcelona that feature a more relaxed, local experience, even if they're a bit further outl

Weather in Barcelona in Early June

The weather in Barcelona in early June is excellent, with temperatures usually in the low to mid 70s during the day and dropping to the cool but pleasant low 60s at night. This is the period of the month in which rain is the most possible in Barcelona in June, but it's still usually fairly uncommon. 

Weather in Barcelona in Mid-June

By the middle of the month, temperatures in Barcelona have risen the slightest bit. Expect an average of around 80 degrees during the day, and 64 at night. Precipitation at this time of the month is rare and sunshine is plentiful.

Weather in Barcelona in late June

Once summer has officially arrived, you'll start to notice it in the Barcelona weather. The tail end of June sees temperatures in the mid-to-high 80s during the day, and rarely dropping below the mid 60s at night. Expect plenty of sunshine, making for perfect beach-going weather, and a very low probability of precipitation. 

What to Pack for Barcelona in June

Throughout Spain, locals tend to dress according to the season, no matter how nice the weather may be. That means that before the summer solstice rolls around, you'll see Barcelona residents donning their spring clothes—short sleeves, long pants, and maybe even a light jacket for the morning and evening hours. 

Once summer officially kicks off, locals begin to dress accordingly as well. This is when you'll start seeing them wear shorts and sandals more often, but keep in mind that they don't really tend to wear flip flops beyond the beach or the pool. The sunshine can be intense at times during Spanish summers, so bring plenty of sunscreen and a stylish pair of shades to help combat the rays. 

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