Barcelona Weather in December

Averages, Records, and Recent Years' Temperatures in Barcelona in December.

Barcelona in December
Image: Anca Pandrea/Creative Commons (Some Rights Reserved)

Christmas is coming! But what will the weather be like? Barcelona in December is one of the warmer places in Europe, but we're still talking about European winter – so don't expect beach weather and heatwaves.

Predicting the weather is a dangerous game – the weatherman on TV can't do it and he knows a lot more than I do. What I offer below is the averages and records for three points in December, as well the specific weather for those days over the past three years.

What's wrong with just looking at averages? Because the weather is rarely average! You can't get a sense of the outliers – the exceptionally warm days or the particularly cold ones – and any rain in the past will give an average of 'some rain' whereas in reality, it may rarely rain on that day. Below I give the average temperatures, the record highs and lows to give you an idea of what is possible as well as the weather in the past three years to get a sense of what is likely.

What Weather to Prepare for in Barcelona in December

As you can see below, temperatures don't fall too low at this time of year in Barcelona. Apart from a couple of particularly warm days, it's not really t-shirt weather, but 10°C to 16°C (50°C to 60°C) will make for some pleasant winter strolls. See below for more details on the weather on various dates in December in Barcelona.

Barcelona in Early-December: Average Temperatures and Recent Years' Weather

Early December has been fairly consistently in the mid- to high-teens (centigrade – that's about 57°F to 62°F) with evenings dropping to around 7°C or 8°C (around 47°F), which is not bad for this time of year in Europe, though 2010 was considerably colder.

It tends to stay dry.

  • December 5 Averages High: 13°C. Low: 6°C.
  • December 5 Records High: 17°C. Low: 3°C.
  • December 5, 2012, High: 14°C. Low: 8°C. No rain.
  • December 5, 2011, High: 17°C. Low: 7°C. No rain.
  • December 5, 2010, High: 14°C. Low: 2°C. No rain.

Best Event in Barcelona in Early-December 

There will be a gospel festival in early-December but dates for 2013 had not been announced at the time of writing.

Barcelona in Mid-December: Average Temperatures and Recent Years' Weather

Though one would expect mid-December to be colder than earlier in the month, Barcelona as seen some quite unusual weather at this time of year in recent years, with two exceptionally warm periods and one that was considerably colder. Prefer for the weather in the mid-teens, as with early-December, but bring a t-shirt just in case! And a jacket for the evenings.

  • December 15 Averages High: 12°C. Low: 5°C.
  • December 15 Records High: 20°C. Low: 0°C.
  • December 15, 2012, High: 20°C. Low: 12°C. No rain.
  • December 15, 2011, High: 17°C. Low: 8°C. No rain.
  • December 15, 2010, High: 10°C. Low: 0°C. No rain.

Best Event in Barcelona in Mid-December

Christmas is coming, so check out the Christmas markets and nativity scenes that will be all over town at this time of year.

Barcelona in Late-December: Average Temperatures and Recent Years' Weather

Temperatures drop a few degrees towards the end of the month, though outliers can happen – look at the records: an insane 20°C high and a freezing -4°C at night are possible on Christmas Day in Barcelona!

  • December 25 Averages High: 12°C. Low: 4°C.
  • December 25 Records  High: 20°C. Low: -4°C.
  • December 25, 2012, High: 14°C. Low: 9°C. No rain.
  • December 25, 2011, High: 14°C. Low: 3°C.  No rain.
  • December 25, 2010, High: 10°C. Low: 2°C. No rain.