April in Barcelona: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Travel Tips, Average Monthly Temperatures, and Rainfall Totals

Barcelona in April

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The northeastern Spanish city of Barcelona is a popular tourist destination year-round, and visitors traveling to this city by the sea in April can expect pleasant spring temperatures and some early rainfall. Additionally, the city comes alive with the start of spring, and there are plenty of fun festivals and events taking place so you can make the most of your time in the Catalan capital.

Barcelona Weather in April

For most of April, Barcelona remains between 53 and 68°F, with spring showers likely, especially in the early parts of the month.

Early April can be quite chilly, so you likely won't be able to visit the beach until the end of the month (although a relaxing walk along the shore is always a good idea). Average highs in the early part of the month range between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit while the lows can get down to anywhere from 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Rain is also something to be wary of early on in the month, which is not only true of Barcelona but also most other northern Spanish cities. In total, Barcelona usually sees an average of about five rainy days throughout April, and an average monthly rainfall of about two and a half inches. However, these rain showers are usually short-lived, and you can generally expect the sky to clear afterward so you can continue enjoying your day.

Although these temperatures and rainfall expectations remain consistent throughout most of the month, by the end of April temperatures begin to take a sharp turn towards the warm side and rainfall tends to happen less frequently.

What to Pack

It's always a good idea to pack light layers for this type of weather, as well as a waterproof rain jacket and other water-resistant clothing, an umbrella, and possibly rain boots if you can fit them in your suitcase. Your best bet is to wear the heavier clothing and shoes on the plane to maximize your luggage capacity.

April Events in Barcelona

As the weather warms up, the city of Barcelona comes alive with bright spring flowers and a variety of seasonal events. Keep these local festivities on your radar if you'll be visiting Barcelona in April.

  • Saló Internacional del Còmic is a weekend dedicated to comic books and their fans, set to take place from April 5–7, 2019.
  • Món Llibre (Book World) celebrates the colorful world of children's literature and encourages youngsters to get reading through a variety of fun book-based activities. Save the date for April 6 and 7, 2019.
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week) will take place from April 14–21, 2019. In Barcelona, it's a much more somber affair than the colorful processions common in the south, but still worth checking out if you'd like to experience an authentic local event.
  • The Sant Jordi festival, Catalonia's answer to Valentine's Day that beautifully bridges love and literature, takes place every year on April 23.
  • The D'A Film Festival showcases the best independent works in contemporary cinema. Check it out from April 25-May 5, 2019.
  • Fira de la Terra commemorates Earth Day in the form of bustling outdoor markets, street performances, and activities for all ages, all aimed at promoting a better understanding of the environment. 2019's edition is set for April 27 and 28.

Travel Tips

  • April is a great time to get outside and enjoy the great (for the most part) weather. Whether you're planning on visiting one of Barcelona's beaches or taking a tour of the Palau Nacional (National Palace) in Montjuïc, you're sure to find a way to enjoy the mid-60s weather and sunny skies. Alternatively, you could visit the Barcelona Zoo or the Ciutat Vella district, which is home to a number of great tapas bars, restaurants, shops, and historical architecture.
  • April is the tail end of low season in Barcelona, so you can still usually find fair prices on accommodation, and there won't be nearly as many tourist crowds as in the later spring and summer months. However, always remember to travel responsibly and respect the locals and their community, no matter when you go.

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