How to Prepare for the Weather in Barcelona in April

Important Information About the Average Temperatures, Records and Travel Tips

Barcelona in April
••• Little fluffy clouds in Barcelona in April. Image: Robert Nyman (Creative Commons/Some Rights Reserved)

Planning on visiting Barcelona in the month of April? While predicting the weather can be as challenging as predicting a Super Bowl victory, in general, you can expect certain weather patterns each month (barring unexpected emergencies such as hurricanes). 

Before traveling to this northeastern city by the sea, you may be wondering the following: does Barcelona suffer from April showers? Will you be able to hit the beach?

Or, will the temperatures feel more like a sweltering summer day?

Below is a list of the average temperatures of Barcelona in the month of April, and over three periods in the month, as well as record highs and lows and the usual averages. This way, you can see just what extremes you're likely to incur, in addition to the typically expected weather each season.  

How to Prepare for the Weather in Barcelona in April

In the month of April, Barcelona stays generally in the 53°F to 68°F zone, with spring showers likely, especially in the early parts of the month.

The beginning of the month can be very chilly, so if you have dreams of visiting the beach, the odds of you wanting to sunbathe are pretty low. However, by the end of April, the weather is decidedly more mild, though it won't be scorching hot.

It's always a good idea to pack light layers for this type of weather, as well as a waterproof rain jacket and other water resistant clothing, an umbrella, and possibly rain boots if you can fit them in your suitcase.

Your best bet is to wear the heavier clothing and shoes on the plane to maximize your suitcase space. 

Barcelona Weather in Early April: The Average Temperatures and 2017 Reports

Barcelona weather can approach 70°F at this time of the month, but rarely, and in the past couple of years it has fallen well short, tending to stick around 54°F to 59°F, according to the 2017 Weather Underground Almanac report.

Rain is also something to be wary of early in the month, as the old adage goes, "April showers bring May flowers". This is true of Barcelona and most other northern Spanish cities. 

  • April 5 Averages High: 64°F. Low: 43°F.
  • April 5 Records High: 78°F. Low: 30°F.

Barcelona Weather in Mid-April: The Average Temperatures and 2017 Reports

Through mid-April, there isn't much of a change to the weather, though it is typically a bit more consistent than earlier in the month. Rain, as it was in early April, is still possible.

  • April 15 Averages High: 67°F. Low: 45°F.
  • April 15 Records High: 80°F. Low: 35°F.

Barcelona Weather in Late-April: The Average Temperatures and 2017 Reports

Temperatures by the end of the month clearly make a sharp turn skywards as late spring approaches. Though there may be warm days and sunny skies, there is still a good chance of rain moving towards May.

  • April 25 Averages High: 20°F. Low: 12°F.
  • April 25 Records  High: 22°F. Low: 9°F.