Barcelona to Nice by Train, Bus, Car and Flights

Travel Along the Mediterranean Coast Into France

Train Station of Estacio de Franca, Barcelona
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Nice is a popular destination from Barcelona. Not only is it a beautiful city to visit in itself, it is also close to Monaco and the Italian border. There are many options for how to travel between the two.

Some popular stops along the way include:

Flights from Barcelona to Nice

There are frequent flights from Barcelona to Nice. They are usually cheaper than the train, bus or car, but you have to factor in the additional time that comes along with traveling through the airport and going through security. EasyJet and Vueling offer non-stop service. On average, one-way tickets are as low as $30.

Barcelona to Nice by Train and Bus

There is no direct train from Barcelona to Nice. It takes around eight hours to travel by train, changing in either Montpellier or Valence, plus transfer times. Trains from Barcelona to Nice (via Montpellier) depart and arrive in Barcelona from Sants station.

There are two buses a day from Barcelona to Nice. The more expensive one (60 Euro) arrives at 4 a.m., which can be awkward regarding hotel check-in. The cheaper one (about 45 Euro) departs and arrives later, which is more convenient. When searching for the bus, remember that the Spanish call Nice "Niza."

Buses from Barcelona to Nice depart from both Sants and Nord bus stations. The cheaper bus only departs from Nord.

Barcelona to Nice by Car

The 400-mile (650 kilometers) drive from Barcelona to Nice takes about six hours, traveling mainly on the P-7 and A9 roads. In Spain, the AP roads (Autopistas) are toll roads. 

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