Barcelona to Marseille by Train, Bus, and Car

A Direct Train Makes This an Easy Journey

France, Bouches du Rhone, Marseille, Euromediterranee area, La Joliette neighborhood, Place des Arts and the Boulevard du Littoral, the arches and the Cathedral La Major
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    By Train

    The AVE train from Barcelona to Marseille take four-and-a-half hours. There is one train per day.

    By Bus

    There are three buses a day from Barcelona to Marseille. It takes about seven hours.

    Buses from Barcelona to Marseille depart from both Sants and Nord bus stations.

    By Car

    The 500km drive from Barcelona to Marseille takes about 4h45m, traveling mainly on the AP-7 and A9 roads.

    Note: AP roads are toll roads.

    Consider a stop in Figueres, home to the Salvador Dali Museum.