How to Travel Between Barcelona and Malaga

Barcelona to Malaga

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Malaga is a popular tourist destination in Spain. Andalusia and the Costa del Sol offer the visitor to the area the most iconic Spanish experiences: fried fish, tapas, wine, sunshine, flamenco, and if that's your thing, bullfighting

Though it's far from being the most important city in Andalusia, Malaga is also well connected to other cities in Andalusia, such as Granada, Seville, and Cordoba and has a high-speed rail connection to Madrid. And with the third largest airport in Spain, it's easy to plan the perfect Spanish vacation starting in Malaga.

Barcelona is famous for its art, architecture, cuisine, and nightlife. Barcelona, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, is where you'll find the amazing Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí. Museu Picasso and Fundació Joan Miró feature modern art by their namesakes. There are also several Roman archaeological sites. 

Barcelona is a city of beautiful views. It is surrounded by mountains, so there's no lack of high ground for enjoying sweeping vistas. Often though, the best views are from a rooftop terrace or a hotel bar, right in the middle of the city. From carnival rides on Mount Tibidabo to cable cars over the port, you'll want to take in the views in addition to the art and culture while you are in Barcelona.

So traveling between the two areas is often something visitors will want to do. Both areas are worth seeing on a visit to Spain and you can travel by train, bus, car or air. 

Guided Tours of Barcelona from Malaga

Tours from Malaga tend to concentrate on Andalusia, perhaps extending as far as Madrid, but usually no further. For a tour that takes you to Barcelona, try taking the high-speed AVE train from Malaga to Madrid and then finding a guided tour of Spain from Madrid, many of which include Barcelona.

Flights Between Barcelona and Malaga

There are frequent flights between Barcelona (BCN) and Malaga (AGP) and they are likely to be your cheapest and quickest option, especially if booked well in advance. The flight takes under two hours. 

Barcelona to Malaga by Train

The fastest train from Malaga to Barcelona takes under six hours. When you factor in all the additional time needed at airports, the train often ends up being a quicker door-to-door trip than flying (not to mention less stressful). You can get train tickets online via sites such as Rail Europe.

Trains from Barcelona to Malaga depart from Barcelona Sants station. Trains from Malaga depart from the María Zambrano Train Station.

Barcelona to Malaga by Bus

A bus trip from Barcelona to Malaga takes about 13 hours. You can book most bus tickets in Spain online at no extra charge. Just pay with a credit card and print out the e-ticket.

There are several night buses running from Barcelona to Malaga.

Barcelona to Malaga by Car

The 1,000-kilometer drive from Barcelona to Malaga takes about ten hours, traveling mainly on the AP-7 and A-92 roads. AP roads are toll roads. Consider stopping in Valencia or Murcia to break up the journey. Travelers find the long journey tedious with not many scenic stops.  

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