How to Get From Barcelona to Bordeaux

Travel From Catalonia to France's Most Famous Wine Region and Vice Versa

France, Bordeaux, Vineyards and Chateau Lacaussade
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With Bordeaux just 200km from the Spanish border, many visitors try to include a few days in Spain on their trip to southwest France. But does it make sense to go straight to Barcelona or are there other worthwhile stops en route? Read on for details of how to get from Barcelona in Spain to Bordeaux in France by various forms of transport.

Bordeaux to Barcelona Suggested Itinerary 

Considering there are no direct trains from Bordeaux to Barcelona, why not make some stops on the way?

  • Via the Basque Country: Bordeaux is on the west side of France, the most obvious first stops on the way to Barcelona are the Spanish Basque Country cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao. From there, stop in Logroño (capital of the Rioja wine region) before making your way to Barcelona. This route is around 900km in total, a little more than the 575km if traveling directly, but this itinerary is well worth the extra miles.
  • Stops on the Most Direct Route: If you'd rather avoid such detours, the big stops on the route from Bordeaux to Barcelona are Toulouse (famous for its redbrick buildings and space museum), the beach city of Perpignan, Figueres (for the Salvador Dali Museum), and Girona (made famous in recent years for appearing in HBO's Game of Thrones).

Traveling by Train and Bus

Buses take approximately nine hours, with two departures per day. Buses depart from Barcelona Nord bus station. There is no direct train from Barcelona to Bordeaux: you need to change in Narbonne.

Making the Journey by Car

The 630km drive from Barcelona to Bordeaux takes about five-and-a-half hours, traveling mainly on the AP-7, A9, A61 and A62 roads. Note that AP roads are toll roads.

Flights From Barcelona to Bordeaux

There are flights from Barcelona to Bordeaux but they are quite expensive, especially if you are traveling during the peak season.

Be sure to check flight prices across different carriers and better yet, check several dates to avoid flying during the more expensive time periods.