The Best Barcelona City Tours

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Barcelona is a big city and doesn't lend itself well to general walking tours of the whole city. Instead, tour guides cater their tours to particular interests. Below you'll find a number of walking tours in Barcelona that cater for your specific tastes and needs.

Most large cities feel bigger when you arrive than it actually is. To get a feeling for Barcelona as a whole we suggest taking a bus tour on your first day. You'll soon get an idea of where each neighborhood is compared to the others. Follow that with a Gothic Quarter tour and/or a more specialist tour that sparks your fancy. 

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      Barcelona Walking Tours by Neighborhood

      Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
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      Barcelona's sights are spread around a large area, so a walking tour of the whole city is pretty much impossible. Which is why most tours concentrate on a particular area of town to explore.

      Check out these neighborhood tours in Barcelona.

      • Gothic Quarter - The Gothic Quarter is Barcelona's 'old town' and is the most compact zone of tourist sights - perfect for a walking tour. See August's Temple, cathedral cloister and the Palatine chapel of Santa Agata (Plaça del Rei). Perfect for your first day in the city. ​
      • Jewish Quarter - Barcelona's Jewish heritage is an important part of the city's history. 
      • Sky tour - Discover the neighborhood occupied by the birds! Landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and Tibidabo mountain look best from the top of Barcelona's tallest buildings.
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      Food and Drink Walking Tours

      Pretty Roasted Vegetables with Almond Cream in Barcelona Spain
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      Want to combine your tour of Barcelona with some of Spain's world-famous cuisine? These food tours usually include tapas, sometimes combined with craft beer or a flamenco show. 

      • Tapas Evening Tour - Exactly what it sounds like - an evening walking tour of Barcelona with tapas in the Gothic Quarter.
      • Gourmet Tapas Tour - Enjoy the sights and smells of Catalan cuisine in this tour that takes you to the Boqueria market and to a classy glass of wine and tapa at La Vinya del Senyor.
      • Walking Tour and Cooking Class - Learn to cook your own dishes after a tour of the city.
      • Tapas and Flamenco - Visit a flamenco show after your tapas walking tour.
      • Chocolate and Sweets Tour - Indulge your sweet tooth with this walking tour that passes by the best chocolate sellers in town.
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      Bus Tours of Barcelona

      Sightseeing Bus in Front of Casa Batllo and Casa Ametller
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      To see the entire city in one day, a bus tour is your best bet. You have two main options here: a hop-on-hop-off tour, which gives you a day to freely roam the city on the designated bus routes or to take a more formal bus tour combined with a walking tour.

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      Art and Architecture Walking Tours

      Gaudi-design roof with tiles of the Casa Batllo in Barcelona.
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      • Modernism - For many, the main reason to come to Barcelona is to see the modernist architecture, not just of Gaudi but also the likes of Domenach ​i Muntaner and Puig i Cadafalch. This walking tour takes you past some of these men's greatest creations.
      • Picasso - Picasso spent a lot of time in Catalonia; this tour takes you around his most popular haunts, followed by a trip to his museum.
      • Photography Walking Tour - Explore Barcelona with an experienced photographer at your side. He or she will take you to the most photogenic parts of Barcelona and help you get the best shots from your camera.
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      Motorized and Pedal-Power Tours

      GoCars give you flexibility and a little speed
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      If walking tours are too, well, pedestrian, but you don't like bus tours, take your tour on one of these alternative forms of transport that combine speed with a little more freedom.

      • Segway Tour - Get around the city quickly and, well, comically, on a ​Segway.
      • GoCar Tour - Go anywhere a scooter can go (and park where scooters can park) in this road-legal kart. 
      • Cycling Tour - Stay green and healthy on a bike tour.