Barbara Koh

Barbara Koh is a journalist, writer, foodie and ex-lawyer who's lived, worked, eaten and reveled in San Francisco for more than a dozen years.


Starting with family roadtrips to San Francisco and then grad school on the Peninsula, Barbara has had a long attraction and connection to The City. Although journalism took her to other places for several years, she'd return regularly to SFO to see her family, friends and storage locker.

Barbara has worked at the San Jose Mercury News, LA Times and Newsweek's Hong Kong bureau. She has also written features for the New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg and the former San Francisco Examiner.

You can read more about Barbara in her Google Profile: Barbara Koh.

Barbara Koh

We're involved, international, pioneering, free-wheeling, outdoorsy, opinionated, brainy and eclectic, and that's why I love San Francisco so much. The rest of California (and the country) often makes fun of us, but we know they're just envious. Yet whether you're a native or a new transplant, it can be a challenge to keep up with what's happening and changing in our lively city, and that's where this guide comes in. I hope you'll find useful and fun tips, interesting perspectives, and places to (re-)discover here. I welcome your comments and questions too, so please write.

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