Barbados Budget Travel Tips

Eastern Caribbean on a Budget

You can benefit greatly from some money-saving tips for visiting Barbados. Food and transportation can be expensive, and that discourages many budget travelers. Below you will find suggestions for inexpensive activities that can still make your trip memorable. Not everything listed here is free, but the value of what you'll experience is our goal. Enjoy your visit to the Eastern Caribbean on a budget with a great stay in Barbados.

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Take a Walk

Bridgetown, Barbados

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Barbados has a reputation for being expensive, but pricey tours and five-star food are not necessary to enjoy this beautiful island. It costs little or nothing to simply take a walk. The historical and cultural benefits are incredible. Sidewalks show you through enchanting churchyards and across marketplaces filled with Caribbean foods and crafts. The Barbados National Trust organizes free hikes on Sundays in locations throughout the island. These walks focus on cane fields, gullies, tropical forests, and coastal communities to explore the unique geological and social structure of Barbados. Although free, donations for this worthwhile endeavor are greatly appreciated.

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Resort Tips

From Bridgetown Harbor, Barbados

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Many Barbados visitors arrive via cruise ship, but others find very good deals that might include airfare and meal plans with accommodations.

CheapCaribbean.Com offers frequent discounts on flight+hotel packages in Barbados. Some are only available at certain times of year, so check the requirements carefully. Since getting here can be expensive, this is a place where air/hotel package deals can pay dividends. Shop the airline Web sites for such deals.

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Churches, Mausoleums and Museums

Bridgetown, Barbados

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Church yards in Bridgetown host mausoleums with colorful epitaphs that illuminate the area's colorful history. At times, you may find a midday service with its hymns emerging from the nearby sanctuary. Museums on the island are well worth your attention, especially Barbados Museum & Historical Society. Admission prices are reasonable; check for the current prices online. Here you can learn about the history and art of the island. There is also a section for children.

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Pelican Bay Crafts

Bridgetown, Barbados

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Barbados has developed a shopping area that enables craftspeople to exhibit their works. Pelican Bay gives visitors to the island a pedestrian-friendly experience for viewing and buying. We're not just talking about paintings and sculptures. Hand-rolled cigars are sold and created in a store. Even if you're not a smoker, it's fascinating to see the number of steps and the skill necessary to produce cigars in rapid-fire order. Pelican Bay is located within walking distance of the cruise port in Bridgetown. It has the feel of a new development that burst into existence to serve cruise customers, but some of the products might interest you as a shopper.

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Port of Bridgetown, Barbados

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Cruise passengers move from their ships to the taxi stands through a mall in the terminal offering a variety of duty-free products. Tobacco, alcohol, and more expensive products such as jewelry are offered here. But as always, it pays to check what's available elsewhere before assuming that these are the best bargains in Barbados. Many visitors find bargains on Swan Street. The best bets here are arts, crafts, crystal, and china.

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