Bangkok's Bizarre Unicorn Café

Unicorns are serious business in this Thai café

Bangkok Unicorn Café
Robert Schrader

If you've ever been to Thailand, you can agree that it's a weird place. Whether you snack on scorpions in a night market, ride a boat across a lake covered in pink lotus blossoms or watch the most spectacular all-shemale revue in the world, Thailand is not only the "Land of Smiles," but a land where literally anything is possible.

Anything, including the existence of unicorns. Well, maybe not actual unicorns, but the amount of unicorn paraphernalia you find in Bangkok's Unicorn Café is definitely the stuff of legend, even if it doesn't allow the unicorn itself to transcend its mythical origins.

Hundreds of Unicorn Selfie Possibilities

Even if none of them are alive, the number of unicorns inside Bangkok's Unicorn Café is staggering. From the large statue near entrance (which makes the best selfie or photo spots), to the large bins of unicorn plush toys you find throughout the café, to the dolls stacked at various points inside and on top of the case that houses unicorn cupcakes (more on dining and drink options in a second!), Bangkok's Unicorn Café probably has the most unicorns per square foot of any space in the world, to say nothing of the peaceful pastel colors that decorate it.

Another fun and photogenic element of the Unicorn Café is that you can dress to match your surroundings. If you can detach yourself from hygiene concerns, for example, you can wear one of the many bright wigs the café has on offer, which will make you fit right into any photo. No wearable horns currently exist for loan, although if you can manage to buy one in any of Bangkok's eclectic markets or malls, more power to you. Ditto on hooves or bright, bushy tails.

Wash Your Unicorn Burger Down With Unicorn Blood

Speaking of pastel colors, the exhaustive attention to detail Bangkok's Unicorn Café pays extends to its food and beverage menu. Where else in the world can you enjoy Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara? While it's true that this take on the classic dish might alarm or even offend some Italian visitors, it's whimsical enough that most should consider it a reference more than an homage. If you can't bring yourself to eat it, regardless of your national origin, take a sip or "Unicorn Blood," a sweet, red slushy served in a cup shaped like a star because unicorns.

Of course, the food at the Unicorn Café isn't just unicorn-related. Some items, such as the Unicorn BBQ Bacon Burger, actually have horns of their own, although it's doubtful that either the main patty or the bacon comes from unicorn meat. Likewise, the large selection of teas and Italian sodas are colored and decorated in a manner straight out of Lisa Frank, with accents such as shiny cake and cookie sprinkles you might not find anywhere else in the world.

How to Visit Bangkok's Unicorn Café

After booking your flight to Bangkok, getting to the Unicorn Café is surprisingly easy, although it's also surprisingly discreet. The easiest way is to ride the Bangkok BTS SkyTrain to Chong Nonsi station, then walk out exit three until you reach Sathorn Road. Turn left and continue for about a minute until you reach Sathorn Soi (the name given to small streets in Thailand) Soi 8, and walk up it until it dead ends into the Unicorn Café.

Surprisingly, the café doesn't have a flashy or even very noticeable sign. Rather, your main indication that you've arrived at the right place will be noticing the unicorn statue just inside the window, the menus pasted onto it and flamboyant people (mostly, but not exclusively, teenage girls and twenty-something women) giddily walking in and out of the café. Strangely, the café doesn't open 'til noon, so if you want to get your day started with coffee amid unicorns, you'd better be a late riser.