The Bangkok Train System

Map of the BTS train system in Bangkok

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The Bangkok train system has an above-ground network called the Skytrain or BTS and a subway line called the MRT. The Skytrain and MRT are modern and comfortable and serve some of central Bangkok. Many parts of the city, including the Old City, aren’t near either network. Here’s a quick guide to the Bangkok train system.


  • If you can take the Skytrain or subway to your destination, it’s always the fastest way to travel.
  • The Skytrain has two lines, the Sukhumvit Line and the Silom Line.
  • Skytrain lines cross at Siam Square and connect to the river ferry system at Saphan Thaksin.
  • There is only one subway line. It crosses the Skytrain at two stops – Asok (called Sukhumvit on the subway system) and Sala Daeng (called Silom on the subway system). Read more about Bangkok's subway system.
  • Trains run from 5 a.m. (depending on your stop) until midnight.
  • Trains run as fast as every 5 minutes during peak times and as slow as every 15 minutes during off-peak times.
  • Fares are 15 Baht to 40 baht depending on distance traveled.
  • The Skytrain system uses cards and the subway system uses tokens. You must buy them at the automatic machines in the stations and hold onto them until you exit. You cannot use a Skytrain card on the subway or vice-versa.
  • Day passes are available on the Skytrain for 120 baht. If you plan on using either system extensively, you can also buy a stored value card.
  • Food and drink are strictly prohibited.
  • Skytrain and subway cars are cold! The air conditioning is usually cranked to high so if you’re traveling for more than a few stops, you’ll be shivering by the time you reach your destination.


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