Back to School in Albuquerque

Tips to Get You Started

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Albuquerque Public Schools begin in mid August. Whether you're preparing your child for school for the first time, or an old hand, there are some essentials that you should know.

Find the back to school supply list for Albuquerque Public schools.

Back to School Tax Free Days

New Mexico features a tax free holiday, or tax incentive, that lets families take a break on purchasing goods for school. In tough economic times, it makes sense to take advantage of the holiday.

The tax free days for 2016 are August 5 - 7. The holiday will run from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 5 until August 7 at midnight. Anyone can take advantage of the holiday.

What You Can Purchase
Items that can be purchased include clothing and footwear for $100 or less; school supplies for $30 or less per unit; computers for $1000 or less; and other computer equipment for $500 or less. Price limits are for individual items, not the entire amount.

For further information on the tax holiday, visit the New Mexico Department of Taxation and Revenue.

School Start Dates

Albuquerque Public Schools
The Albuquerque Public School system is one of the largest in the nation. Divided into twelve clusters, it serves over 85,000 students. It has a seven member elected school board, and its current supervisor is Winston Brooks.

Albuquerque Public Schools begin Thursday, August 11.

Alternative calendar schools start July 21. These schools are elementary schools Cochiti, Duranes, Eugene Field, Mark Twain, Mary Ann Binford, Navajo, Oñate, and Susie Rayos Marmon.

What You Should Know
APS has immunization requirements.
There is no district-wide dress code.
APS has a grade by grade back to school supply list.

Because Rio Rancho continues to grow and thrive as a town, its school district has expanded rapidly over the past 15 years. The district has kept the pace and strives to keep parents in the communication loop. Rio Rancho schools score well on Adequate Yearly Progress(AYP)reports

Rio Rancho's Superintendent of schools is Dr. V. Sue Cleveland.

Elementary Schools, grades K-5, start Monday, August 15.
Middle schools and high schools, grades 6-12, start Wednesday, August 10.

What You Should Know
Rio Rancho District has a dress code.

Bernalillo district includes six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. It also oversees the schools at the pueblos of Cochiti and Santo Domingo. Allan Tapia is Superintendent of Schools.

Bernalillo schools begin August 16.

Los Lunas district has 16 schools and 8,500 students. Bernard Saiz is the district Superintendent.

Los Lunas schools begin August 11.

What You Should Know
Some Los Lunas schools have a uniform dress code.

Charter Schools and Private Schools

Each charter school has its own start date, and although many keep the district calendar, some do not. Private schools are the same. Visit the New Mexico Department of Education for an updated listing of charter and private schools, and find the start dates for individual school sites.