Planning a Bachelorettte Party in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is the perfect place to have one last fling with the girls. A bachelorette party in Las Vegas can be just as wild as anything the boys can plan. Dancing, spas, pools, shopping, and plenty of flirtatious behavior. Just pack your little black dress and plenty of attitude.

Walk into any club in Las Vegas and you see the groups of women huddled together having a great time. Free drinks from the guys, silly rules, and embarrassing moments all are part of the Bachelorette party experience in Las Vegas. It is not difficult to plan, so get on it!

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Find a Hotel

Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace


Simply put, the hotel you choose can make or break Bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Make a mistake and pick a family hotel and you will not be happy as you make your way past the arcades with a Bourbon and Coke and a penchant for singing Kelly Clarkson at the top of your lungs. Flirting is all part of the game as you introduce the bride to her last days as a single woman and you celebrate her desire to commit to one guy. You need a hotel that helps you out in the hot guy department.

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Hit a Las Vegas Lounge

Skyfall Lounge at Delano Las Vegas
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You are going to want to keep the cost down early in the evening so the Las Vegas lounge scene is where the party starts. Gather here, make it a point of reference for the night or plan the party around a lounge. Typically there are no cover charges on lounges and the atmosphere is ab it more inviting for conversation. There is a difference between a lounge and an ultra lounge. Some nightclubs call themselves lounges.

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See a Las Vegas Show

Mystere by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas
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You can't drink and dance all night and you will eventually get tired of the pool. If you see a show, all the married women in the party will be able to explain to their husbands exactly what they did. "Oh, we saw Cirque Du Soleil and had a great time". End of story, nobody gets in trouble. The show is not only very entertaining it gives everybody an alibi. Las Vegas not only gives you world-class entertainment it also gives you very good reasons to lie when you get home.

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Try Some Pole Dancing

Woman in a pole dance class

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What better way to have fun than a group of girls just having some good girl time together? Learn a skill, get in a little workout, and be proud of your body all while helping the bride to be. Aradia and Pole Fitness Studio will entertain you and help you plan your bachelorette party.

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Dance at Nightclubs

Hakkasan NightClubs at MGM Grand Las Vegas

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Get ready for flirtatious behavior, girls dancing in one large group, and guys knocking themselves out to try to get a conversation going by spending way too much money on drinks. Don't forget an endless supply of laughter, girl talk, and serious fun. Simply put, you will have the time of your life at a Las Vegas bachelorette party and the bride will be forever grateful that you kept her from getting "too crazy" right before her wedding.

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Wine and Dine

The Red Room at Carbone at Aria Las Vegas
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Restaurants are always tough for groups to decide on because in Las Vegas the options are endless. However, consider what the rest of the evening will look like and plan accordingly. The easy choice is Fix but the late night club types might want Tao. Having a meal that works for the entire group can be tricky but with the number of choices, you’ll easily cater to everyone.

Try Beauty and Essex or STK at Cosmopolitan or find a big booth in the red room at Carbone at Aria Las Vegas. The party can get as wild or as tame as you need it to be at these spots and the food will not disappoint.

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Find a Pool

Vegas Caesars Palace pool


This is a no-brainer really, a good pool sets the tone for the evening's activities. Keep an eye on the wild women who can't seem to stay with the group and motivate the few who feel like they might be too proper to have a good time.​

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Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Shopping at Bellagio Las Vegas
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Whether you're looking for affordable finds or luxurious lingerie for the honeymoon, you can shop until you drop in Las Vegas. The options are endless.

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