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What the Arizona Driver License Looks Like

AZ Driver License
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The Arizona Department of Transportation, Department of Motor Vehicles, continues to improve the efficiency and information included on the Arizona Driver License. The following information is for the new and improved driver license, which will be the only one issued beginning June 16, 2014.

New in 2014

Well, there were quite a few changes to the license in June 2014, but the most important change is probably the process itself.

You won't be able to get your permanent license on the same day any more. You'll get a temporary license and then you'll receive your permanent license within about two weeks. More on that, as well as a sample photo of a temporary license, on this page.


If you are traveling via air and will be passing through TSA security while you have the temporary license, that temporary license will not be sufficient. According to TSA, your ID must "show a valid U.S. Federal or State-issued photo ID that contains a name, date of birth, expiration date, social security number,  phone number, and a tamper-resistant feature." The temporary license does not qualify. Your best alternative is a passport. Otherwise, you will need a second form of identification.

The Photo

The license has a larger photo than previous licenses, with a smaller ghost portrait.

The Look

The license has a laser perforation in the shape of Arizona.

Hold it up to the light! The ringtail, the state mammal, illustrated on the front.

The Bar Code

The bar code is on the back of the AZ driver license.


The driver license has a high-security design with unique Arizona geological features in the background created by using many different patterns, lines and images.

The date of birth field will have a raised feel to it to assist in authenticating the credential using the sense of touch. A tri-color Optically Variable Device consisting of the state outline, the state name “Arizona,” the state seal, a saguaro cactus and a star. This laminate overlay provides the final layer and one more feature for authentication.

Medical Alert

If the driver has a medical alert situation, that will be indicated on the front of the AZ driver license


It is easy to identify drivers who are under 21 years of age, because their licenses are different!

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As you can see from the photo, Arizona is making it easier to identify those people who are under 21 years of age by giving them a driver license that reads vertically instead of the traditional horizontal version. To the left of the photo it indicates that the driver is "Under 21" and then mentions the date that the person becomes 21.

Also in Arizona, we have what is referred to as Graduated Driver Licensing.

Since it has been clearly shown that teenage drivers are high risk drivers, this Class G license is for individuals who are under 18 years of age. There are three basic steps to this system:

Class G Instruction Permit

Beginning at 15 years and 6 months of age, a person can get this permit. A written and vision test is required. A licensed driver who is at least 21 years old must be in the front passenger seat at all times.

Class G License

Beginning at 16 years of age, a person can get a Class G License. A teen must have completed 30 hours of supervised, behind-the-wheel daytime driving practice plus 10 hours of supervised, behind the wheel night time driving practice before applying for graduated driver license. The teen must hold the class G permit for at least six months.

For the first six months of the Class G Driver License, a teen may not drive between the hours of midnight to 5 a.m. unless a parent or legal guardian with a valid driver license is in the front passenger seat, or unless the teen is driving to or from a sanctioned school sponsored activity, sanctioned religious activity, place of employment, or family emergency.

A teen with a Class G Driver License may not drive with more than one passenger under the age of 18 on a public highway, unless they are siblings, or unless a parent or legal guardian with a valid driver license is in the front passenger seat.

Read more about restrictions on the Class G license.

Class D License

Beginning at 18 years of age, a person can receive a Class D license.

There are fees for all permits/licenses.

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