17 Awesome Things to Instagram in Toronto

Where to find the best spots in the city to post on Instagram

Nathan Philips Square in Toronto

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There’s a lot of things in Toronto worth photographing. The city is blessed with an abundance of green space, beautiful beaches, a diverse array of neighbourhoods each with their own distinct personality, an instantly recognizable skyline and some unique architecture – all of which inspire a countless stream of Instagram posts from visitors and locals alike. Whether you live in Toronto or you're just passing through, if you’re looking for some of the best spots in Toronto to snap a post-worthy pic, here are 17 of the best.

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Nathan Philips Square

Nathan Philips Square in Toronto

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One of Toronto’s most recognizable landmarks also happens to be one of its most Instagram-worthy sights no matter the season. Located across from City Hall, Nathan Philips Square is always a hive of activity whether there’s a special event happening, winter skating going on, a concert, or a weekly farmer’s market.  

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Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion

Sunnyside Pavillion in Toronto

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 This beaux arts-style beauty on Toronto’s waterfront dates back to 1922. After having undergone numerous renovations through the decades, the impressive structure lives on and makes for beautiful Instagram shots if you happen to be nearby to soak up the sun at Sunnyside Beach or grab a drink on the lakefront patio at Sunnyside Café.

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Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach in Toronto

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Probably one of the prettiest spots to hang out on the sand is Sugar Beach. The whimsical pops of pink courtesy of vibrant beach umbrellas make this a particularly photogenic spot. You may not be able to swim here, but you can chill out in one of 150 Muskoka chairs with a book or a cold drink.

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HTO Park

HTO Park in Toronto

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If pink umbrellas don’t inspire you to get out your phone to snap a few pictures, maybe some yellow ones will. HTO Park is another urban beach on Toronto’s waterfront, featuring Muskoka chairs, bold yellow beach umbrellas, a sandpit and beautiful lake views.

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Art Gallery of Ontario

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The Art Gallery of Ontario was transformed in 2008 by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry and the results are stunning. It’s no surprise that the building’s expansive wood and glass façade shows up on many an Instagram post, as does the beautiful spiral staircase inside.

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Skyline from the Toronto Islands

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The iconic shot of Toronto’s skyline taken either from the Toronto Islands or the ferry going to the Islands is one of the most popular vistas to photograph – with good reason. It’s hard to resist a skyline that pretty, no matter the season or time of day. 

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Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley in Toronto

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This vibrant alleyway which runs south of Queen Street West from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street beginning at 1 rush lane, is a justifiably popular spot to nab insta-worthy snaps. It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s fun and it looks great on Instagram.

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High Park

High Park in Toronto

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Whether you’re snapping a pic of the cherry blossoms in full bloom, Grenadier Pond, Hillside Gardens or the canopy of changing leaves once fall hits, there’s always something Insta-worthy at High Park, which also happens to be the city’s largest park. 

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Distillery District

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The cobblestone streets and Victorian-era buildings in Toronto’s historic Distillery District make it one of Toronto’s most unique neighbourhoods. Filled with art galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants, the area is, not surprisingly, oft-Instagrammed. Instagram posts increase here when there are popular events in the Distillery, like the annual Toronto Christmas Market when the whole area sparkles with lights.

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Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto

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As soon as you lay eyes on the Scarborough Bluffs it’s not hard to see why they’re worthy of a space in your Instagram feed. The Bluffs stretch for about 15 kilometres along the Lake Ontario shoreline and comprise several different east end parks. Rising more than 60 metres above the clear blue water, erosion has sculpted the bluffs into unique (and Insta-worthy) shapes. 

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Aga Khan Museum

Aga Khan Museum

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Stunning inside and out, Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum’s clean lines and contemporary design make it well worth a spot on anyone’s Instagram feed. The museum was designed by architect Fumihiko Maki, who used light as his inspiration for the design. Aga Khan Museum’s permanent collection contains over 1000 artifacts dating from the 8th century through to the 21st century. 

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Kensington Market

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There’s always something to see and do in Kensington Market, one of Toronto’s most eclectic and vibrant neighbourhoods. If you happen to be there on a Pedestrian Sunday, which happen on the last Sunday of every month from around mid-May until the end of October, these days are particularly ripe for Instagram-worthy pics thanks to a colourful array of street performers, food carts, craft vendors and more. 

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Gooderham Building


Probably better known as the Flatiron Building, this iconic spot that sits where Front, Church and Wellington Streets meet dates back to 1892. The iconic building is another of Toronto’s most recognizable landmarks and is forever being photographed by both locals and tourists in the city. 

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Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Humber Bay Bridge in Toronto

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There’s just something about bridges that make them perfect for posting in Instagram and Humber Bay Arch Bridge is no exception. The 139-metre pedestrian bridge was completed in 1996 and it’s the only one of that style and type in the city. The eye-catching bridge spans the mouth of the Humber River and looks great on Instagram from nearly every angle. 

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West Toronto Railpath

West Toronto Railpath

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Walking or biking along the West Toronto Rail Path it’s easy to see why it winds up on Instagram on a fairly frequent basis. The industrial vibe, pops of greenery and the odd metal sculpture or splash of graffiti, combined with the feeling that you’re somehow insulated from the rest of the city make it a great spot for photo ops. The railpath runs from Cariboo Avenue, just north of Dupont Street West in the Junction to Dundas for now. Expansion plans are in the works. You’ll also find Henderson Brewing Co. and Drake Commissary on the Railpath if you’re there and get hungry or thirsty. 

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Evergreen Brick Works

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Making the trip to the Evergreen Brick Works means you’ll be rewarded with lots of chances to snap some Insta-ready photos. Whether you’re browsing Toronto’s biggest farmers' market, checking out the native and edible plants in Koerner Gardens, taking a break at Tiffany Commons or exploring the parkland surrounding the Brick Works, there’s no shortage of photo-ops here.

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CN Tower

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This list wouldn’t be complete without Toronto’s most iconic structure. Whether you’re snapping it from below, from the top, or as part of the city skyline, there’s almost no way to take a bad picture of the CN Tower. 

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