Away The Everywhere Bag Review

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Away The Everywhere Bag

Away The Everywhere Bag

TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield

What We Like
  • Fits perfectly over most carry-on handles

  • Easy to clean

  • Lightweight

  • Discreet umbrella pocket

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Odd laptop sleeve gussets

  • Always sold out

Bottom Line

The Everywhere Bag from Away is a modern, minimalist delight that we are happy to endorse.


Away The Everywhere Bag

Away The Everywhere Bag

TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield

We purchased the Away The Everywhere Bag so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Designed to hold its own solo or nest on the handle of a rolling suitcase, The Everywhere Bag is Away’s crack at a truly take-anywhere accessory. Since the company’s 2015 launch, Away’s design mission has been to offer an easy, effortless uniform that works for the masses but feels unique to the individual. We enjoyed taking Away’s Bigger Carry-On for a spin and were interested to see if the weekender iteration could measure up to its big sister and to its name. And how better to test an Everywhere Bag than to take it absolutely everywhere? 

Away The Everywhere Bag
TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield 

Design: Minimalism, maximized

Classic and a little boxy, the Everywhere Bag doesn’t take up a lot of visual real estate at first glance. Away’s brand M.O. so far has been to boil down travel accessories to their most essential, useful roots, applying thoughtful design to a field that can be overrun by heavy design details like outsized hardware and thick leather features. 

We reviewed the nylon version, which is available in a wide choice of colors (we went with the neutral Sand). Constructed of—you guessed it—thick, waterproof nylon, the bag is minimally accented with narrow black leather handles, a removable black shoulder strap in soft cotton webbing, and coordinating black zippers and pocket piping. Away also offers The Everywhere in leather, as well as other limited-run premium fabrics—if you can get your paws on them before they sell out. The color combos for non-nylon vary, but the basic bone structure remains the same.

The bag construction employs a hint of origami, using strategically placed darts rather than stitched-together panels to create the boxy shape. Away has cleverly managed to make the majority of the exterior from one large piece, which is great for weatherproofing and gives it shape without rigidity. This is probably the most low-key but crucial evidence of its modern design. It’s unlikely that you’d notice the darts outright, but the absence of side panels is what keeps the design from dipping into gym bag territory. They also help it maintain its shape when empty, which, as anyone who’s tried to pack a floppy duffel bag before will know, is merciful.

The Everywhere features a subtly integrated exterior panel that you can slip over the telescopic handle of most rolling suitcases (Away or not), so they can roll together. These are sometimes called a “trolley sleeve,” and while Away didn’t invent them, they’ve certainly gotten them some good—and well-deserved—publicity. They’re genius. If you’ve ever attempted to run to your gate while balancing a personal item on your rolling suitcase, then you know how very real the struggle can be. 

Away The Everywhere Bag
TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield

Storage: Pockets, pockets, pockets

Besides the trolley sleeve, the wealth and variety of pockets is where The Everywhere Bag shines. One thing Away clearly understands is the power of partitioned storage. A waterproof, virtually invisible zippered compartment in the base of the bag is designed to hold umbrellas, leaving us to wonder why every bag ever designed doesn’t have this. How many commutes with dripping umbrellas have we had to suffer through before this? 

The exterior also has a zippered pocket over the trolley sleeve, and a small, accessible phone pocket. Our larger phone stuck out of the pocket a little, which didn’t feel very secure, so we opted to keep it in the zippered pocket instead.

Besides the trolley sleeve, the wealth and variety of pockets is where The Everywhere Bag shines.

The interior has more piped and zippered pockets, including a snap-closure laptop pocket that will accommodate up to a 15-inch computer. The sides of the laptop pocket are gusseted to handle either thick laptops or laptops kept in their sleeves. The width was just right for a 15-inch MacBook Pro, but the gussets give it too much room to flop forward and backward. It would’ve been nice if Away had designed the pocket’s closing strap to be adjustable to account for computer size variation.  

Though great, the other interior pockets don’t need individual calling out, except for one: There’s a discreetly placed pocket in the very bottom interior. We’re pretty sure you’re supposed to tuck the umbrella sleeve into it when not in use, but it’s also roughly passport-sized. Maybe a bonus security feature?

Away The Everywhere Bag
TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield 

Capacity: A perfect personal item

The airline gods would categorize The Everywhere Bag as a “personal item” rather than luggage. As the name implies, you can take it anywhere, but with a capacity of 20 liters, don’t plan on stretching it out to an extended stay. For comparison, your average school backpack will have a capacity falling somewhere between 18 and 25 liters. 

You can take it anywhere, but with a capacity of 20 liters, don’t plan on stretching it out to an extended stay.

The Everywhere is designed to harmonize with Away’s rolling suitcases, letting them manage the heavy lifting while keeping the laptop and toiletries (in their chic, quart-sized clear bag) close at hand. As luggage, you aren’t going to be able to fit much more than a weekend’s worth of essentials in there, unless you’re planning for a week spent exclusively in sarongs and flip flops. And if that’s the case, can we come?

If you’re looking for a larger bag, Away’s Weekender Bag, with an almost 39-liter capacity, may be better for you. It’s about the same size as a small carry-on and can fit in both the overhead compartment and under the seat.

Away The Everywhere Bag
TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield

Uses: Great almost everywhere, for almost everything

We were impressed with how convertible this bag was. We ferried a 15-inch laptop around the city in it, commuted back and forth to work in the rain with it, took it to work meetings, packed it for a weekend trip, and used it as our gym bag for a month. By keeping the design neutral and the capacity intermediate, the Everywhere really did work almost everywhere. The Nylon Sand colorway we reviewed felt a little out of place in a nice restaurant, but the leather version, currently offered in either black or blush, wouldn’t have. 

The Everywhere really did work almost everywhere.

Away The Everywhere Bag
TripSavvy / Joy Merrifield 

Ease of Cleaning: Spot clean only

The exterior of the Everywhere we reviewed is abrasion- and water-resistant performance nylon. Away recommends that you skip the washer and dryer for this fabric and spot clean with a damp cloth and gentle soap. After a month, we didn’t notice any stains or marks on our light-colored bag, but we did notice that the waterproof umbrella pouch will stay wet forever if you let it. You should turn it inside out to dry at the end of a rainy day—and try not to forget your wet umbrella in it for an entire weekend as we did. 

Price: A little expensive

At $195, the price of Away’s Everywhere Bag does seem a little expensive. It’s obviously well made, and we love all the storage pouches and pockets. The nylon quality is excellent, and the accent leather is fine—maybe not the most durable, but buttery soft. At the end of the day, though, it’s a small, nice nylon bag that costs nearly as much as the rolling suitcase that made Away famous, and it doesn’t even come with its own charging station. We wish they would’ve found a way to price it $30 to $50 cheaper.

Competition: It’s fierce (and trendy) out there

Dagne Dover Ryan Laptop Bag: Slimmer, trendier, and better built for business than the Everywhere Bag, the Ryan Laptop Bag from Dagne Dover has a trolley sleeve that slides over your suitcase handle to lock in place, but it caters more to electronics than weekend outfits. Fabricated from neoprene in some ridiculously cute colorways and loaded down with pocket features, the Ryan is 100 percent business, but 0 percent buttoned up. 

Lo & Sons O.M.G.: The Everywhere Bag is certainly multi-use, but it would never be mistaken for a purse. If you love the pockets, dividers, and trolley sleeve of the Everywhere Bag but don’t love the idea of carrying a separate suitcase, laptop bag, and purse on your travels, the O.M.G. from Lo & Sons is a great compromise. Roomy without being too obviously functional, the O.M.G. has roughly the same capacity as the Everywhere Bag (20 liters) and holds a 13-inch laptop. It even has a discreet shoe compartment at the bottom, which is great for when the business dinner finally ends and you get to slip on some Keds to explore the new city. 

Everlane The Twill Weekender: Similarly styled with strong, modern solids and polished black leather accents, the Twill Weekender from Everlane is a more laid-back alternative to the Everywhere Bag. It doesn’t offer much in the way of dedicated pockets, and it doesn’t have the trolley sleeve, but it’s a handsome, classic weekender with a generous 36-liter capacity and of-the-moment brand appeal.  

We love it!

Minimal and exceptionally versatile, The Everywhere Bag from Away truly did find a way to fit into every setting. We love that the size and quality are adaptable to the gym, commuting, work, travel …  everywhere! We think it’s a little expensive for a smallish nylon bag, but the design and the features sold us anyway. If it’s in the budget (and if it’s in stock), we’re even considering a level up to the elegant leather version. Even in the nylon fabrication, though, we can easily add our recommendation to this one. 


  • Product Name The Everywhere Bag
  • Product Brand Away
  • Price $195.00
  • Weight 2.6 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 16.3 x 7.3 x 10.2 in.
  • Color Nylon: Black, Navy, Green, Asphalt, Sand; Leather: Black, Blush
  • Outer Material Nylon, leather
  • Lining Material Nylon
  • Capacity 20 L
  • Handle Drop 7 in.
  • Warranty 100-day no-question return policy
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