Away's New Designer Collaboration Has Something for Every Style

Once these limited edition pieces are gone, they're gone for good

Away designer collaboration

Courtesy of Away

Away is back at it again. The maker of those sleek suitcases is no stranger to teaming up with celebs for special collections and even holiday gift sets, but last week, the company launched its first designer series collaboration.

And this isn't just some one-off type thing. Away plans to roll out a new collection with different designers each year. It truly is a series. 

For this inaugural collection, the brand chose three designers to add their personal touch to some of Away's most popular products; the travel pouch set, front pocket backpack, and large everywhere bag. 

Each of the designers' reimagining of the pieces is so distinct, and there's something for every style.

Away The Front Pocket Backpack by Tia Adeola


Nigerian-born Tia Adeola's design features pink ruffles and a multi-color tweed for a fun, feminine twist. The tweed material was custom developed specifically for this collection. In a press release, Adeola said her inspiration was "restructuring the representation of female bodies in the 21st century, challenging constructs with statement pieces that are meant for the everyday, and rewriting history through fashion."

Continuing with the color is Sandy Liang's floral explosion of a design that she described as "playful wanderlust." The bold floral almost has a bit of a camo-look against the green background of the Large Everywhere Bag.

Away The Large Everywhere Bag by Sandy Liang


And rounding out the collection is Ji Won Choi, who said she wanted to create “something that could be spotted from far away and was immediately recognizable and distinguishable.” The shades of blue and white stripes might remind some people of the Pan Am bag. 

The Large Everywhere Bag by Ji Won Choi


Prices for the three items start at $55 for the travel pouch set and top out at $295 for the Large Everywhere Bag.

The limited series is available for sale now on Away’s website and once products sell out, they’re gone forever.