Avoid Spring Break in Mexico

Find Out How to Beat the Crowd

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Spending your Mexican vacation surrounded by hordes of drunk college students may be some people's idea of fun, but we understand that it's not for everyone. If you're contemplating planning a trip to Mexico during the springtime and you would like to avoid the typical spring break scene, not to worry! There are plenty of options for a Mexican springtime holiday with lots of peace and relaxation and no wet t-shirt contests or tequila shots (savvy drinkers know you're supposed to sip!) to speak of. Read on for some tips on how to travel to Mexico during the springtime and avoid the spring break crowds.

Avoid Peak Times 

If you can at all avoid it, plan your trip so that it doesn't coincide with the busiest spring break travel period, which is usually in mid-March. You should keep in mind that besides college breaks, Easter is also a very busy time for travel in Mexico: Mexican students get the two weeks around Easter off from school, and Mexican families love to head to the beach during this time. The week leading up to Easter tends to be a little quieter than the week following. So if you can schedule your trip around those dates, you'll find fewer crowds. Learn more about Easter and Holy Week in Mexico. If you're unable to schedule your trip for another time, keep reading.

Visit One of Mexico's Colonial Cities

Mexico has many lovely colonial cities, including ten that have been listed by the UNESCO as World Heritage cities. These are destinations where you can enjoy Mexican warmth and hospitality, as well as see fabulous architecture and fascinating museums, indulge in some handicraft shopping, and maybe even visit some archaeological sites. You could stroll the picturesque cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, enjoy the delicious foods of Oaxaca, or listen to mariachis play in Guadalajara. Mexico has a lot to offer besides its gorgeous beaches.

Choose an Off-the-Beaten-Path Beach Destination

But maybe you've got a hankering that only the beach will satisfy? Most of Mexico's top beach destinations are very popular among spring breakers, but (fun fact!) Mexico has over 5000 miles of coastline, and there are plenty of spots for you to hang your hammock with nary a spring breaker in sight. You could consider an option that is just as beautiful as the top destinations but uncrowded, such as one of our top-secret Mexican beaches. Or find the areas around the tourist destinations where locals stay - they usually prefer to avoid the spring break crowds as well. For beaches that are less likely to draw the spring break crowds, check out Rincón de Guayabitos in Nayarit or San Agustinillo in Oaxaca or any of our other unknown beach destinations. 

Select Your Hotel Wisely

If, despite our encouragement to do otherwise, you are still planning to visit one of the more popular spring break destinations, keep in mind that there are some hotels that are known primarily as spring break party centers. You can head to Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco and still find some peace and quiet if you choose a hotel that eschews a party atmosphere in favor of a more tranquil ambiance. Resorts and hotels that are a little more upscale will probably fit the bill, and you really can't go wrong if you choose one of the Mexico boutique hotels.

Pick Activities That Spring Breakers Avoid

According to the stereotype, spring breakers will spend their time between pool, beach, and bar, getting to bed late, and sleeping in. Those that don't fit into that stereotype probably don't need to be avoided as much. Cultural and natural attractions are less likely to be over-run with spring breakers than the pools and beaches. Search out museums, natural parks, and spas and you will be unlikely to find spring breakers around. For example, you can discover the Maya world by visiting the Maya Museum in Cancun or visiting some off-the-beaten-path archaeological sites such as Cobá or San Miguelito. Also, if you don't mind an early wake-up call, consider visiting attractions earlier in the day; as you'll be more likely to be able to enjoy them without the crowds who like to stay up late and sleep in.

Follow our tips and you'll be able to enjoy a tranquil and relaxing spring time visit to Mexico with no worries about obnoxious students on break.

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