Washington DC Apartment Rental Rates 2016

Things to Know When Comparing Apartment Rentals

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Washington DC is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. The city offers a variety of apartments and is becoming very popular because of its good employment opportunities and thriving urban lifestyle. Following is a table showing a range of apartment rental rates for some of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington DC. Please note that all prices are subject to change. These numbers were compiled from several resources and are based on availability as of early 2016.

This information will be updated annually. If you know of an apartment that rents for an amount outside of this range, please email the details to dc.about@outlook.com.

Things to Consider When Evaluating an Apartment Rental

  • Location - Properties in desirable areas cost more. Get to know the neighborhood before making a commitment. 
  • Square Footage - You can save money by renting a smaller unit. Determine how much space you really need and find an appropriate living space. 
  • Age of the Property and Amenities - The most modern apartments have the highest rents.
  • Parking Availability and Costs - If you have a car, be sure to include the costs of parking in your monthly expenses. Street parking may be fine, but could be inconvenient in a busy part of town. Check out the parking availability before signing a lease.
  • Accessibility to Metro - Not all neighborhoods are close to a Metro station. Check the distance and evaluate alternative transportation options.

Washington DC Apartment Rental Rates

NeighborhoodEfficiencyOne BedroomTwo Bedroom
Adams Morgan$1300-1840$1550-2250$1800-3700
Cleveland Park$1250-1900$1650-2400$1730-3200
Columbia Heights$1175-2050$1575-2200$1875-3100
Dupont Circle$1600-2100$2400-2900$3800
Foggy Bottom$1550-1725$2200-2400$3000-4150
Glover Park$1130-1250$1455-1821$1940-2680
Mount Vernon Square$1380-1985$1400-2475$1800-3220
Suburban Communities   
Bethesda/Chevy Chase$1280-2065$1305-2570$1360-3295
Silver Spring$900-1525$955-1690$1250-2220


Disclaimer: As I am not a real estate expert and information is subject to change, please check other sources and make phone calls to verify the accuracy of the above information. As the Washington DC is area is growing in population, new construction of apartment buildings is on the rise and is likely to change the average rental rates.