Average Humidity in Hong Kong Month by Month

Early misty morning scene of Kowloon side, Hong Kong
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Humidity in Hong Kong can really ruin your holiday and when things really heat up a short walk to the shops can leave your shirt looking like a dishcloth after a spin in the washing machine. Below, are the figures for the average month by month humidity in Hong Kong, but before reading them it’s worth reading the brief introduction, explaining what the readings actually mean.

Humidity is what makes the air feel like a sauna, full of wet steam. More scientifically, it’s actually the measurement of water vapor in the air, with 100% being the maximum.

What does this mean for you? Well, the higher the humidity, the harder it is for your sweat to evaporate, which means your body temperature rises causing you to sweat more. This is only a problem in high temperatures, which causes you to sweat in the first place; but as high humidity in Hong Kong often accompanies high temperatures, it can mean more than two minutes on the street will cause you to sweat, often profusely. Luckily, buildings, transport, and even some walkways are air-conditioned, but it does require staying inside.

Average Humidity Highs in Hong Kong

  • January – 77% Discomfort - Low
  • February – 82% Discomfort –Low
  • March – 83% Discomfort – Low
  • April – 87% Discomfort – Medium
  • May – 87% Discomfort – Medium
  • June – 86% Discomfort – High
  • July – 87% Discomfort - High
  • August – 87% Discomfort - High
  • September – 83% Discomfort - Medium
  • October – 76% Discomfort - Medium
  • November – 74% Discomfort - Low
  • December – 74% Discomfort – Low
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