How to Get to Aveiro from Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra

Aveiro makes a great half-day trip from any of these cities

Canals in Aveiro, Portugal's Venice
••• Canals in Aveiro, Portugal's Venice. Raúl A/Creative Commons

Aveiro is often referred to as the 'Portuguese Venice' (somewhat ambitiously) due to its canals and the beautiful boats that navigate them. The city is also famous for its salt production. The architecture is half modern, half classic and all colorful!

Visiting Aveiro: At a Glance

  • Aveiro is 90km from Porto, 250km from Lisbon and 60km from Coimbra
  • The city is best visited from Porto, or from Coimbra.
  • You can visit both Coimbra and Aveiro on the same day (from Porto). 
  • Coimbra is also a better stop than Aveiro for travel from Lisbon to Porto. Aveiro is more a stop on the way from Coimbra to Porto than from Lisbon.
  • To get the most into your itinerary, consider this itinerary: Lisbon-Coimbra-Aveiro-Porto.

How Long Should I Stay in Aveiro?

Half a day is enough to take a boat tour and explore the city a little, so it's great that Aveiro is so close to both Porto and Coimbra, making it a great short excursion from either city. Better still, visit Aveiro and Coimbra in one day as a day trip from Porto.

Guided Tours of Aveiro from Porto

To get the most out of a day trip to Aveiro, a guided tour is probably your best bet. There are also some tours that combine your visit with Coimbra.

  • 6-Day Tour of Northern Portugal, including Aveiro and Porto

Porto to Aveiro by Train and Bus

The journey takes 1h15 and costs around 3€ one-way when taking Porto's urban train.

The frequent train departs both the Sao Bento station (in Porto's center) and Campanha station. For schedule information, see CP Rail website.

It makes little sense to take the bus, as it takes double the time (2h30), a transfer and costs three times the price (10€). Book from Rede Expressos.

Porto to Aveiro by Car

It takes about an hour to get to Aveiro from Porto by car and is about 75km (45 miles) taking the A1 (tolls).

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How to Get to Aveiro from Lisbon by Train and Bus

It takes quite a bit longer to get there from the capital than from Porto and Coimbra, so only visit Aveiro from Lisbon if you aren't visiting either of the other cities. If you have one choice for a day trip from Lisbon, choose Coimbra instead.

Trains from Lisbon to Aveiro take around two hours, with prices varying considerably. Buses take three hours and cost around 18 euros. 

Trains depart from Santa Apolonia station in Lisbon.

Coimbra to Aveiro by Train and Bus

The train from Coimbra to Aveiro takes about an hour and starts at about 5€ on the regional train. For schedule information, see

The bus from Coimbra to Aveiro takes about 45 minutes and costs 6€. Book from Rede Expressos.

Coimbra to Aveiro by Car

The journey from Coimbra to Aveiro takes 50 minutes and is about 60km. Compare Prices on Car Rental in Portugal.