Oklahoma City's Automobile Alley District

Oklahoma City's Automobile Alley
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Oklahoma City's historic Automobile Alley district in the northeast part of downtown is so named because of its status as host to over 50 car dealerships in the 1920's and 30's. As much of downtown and Midtown began to decline in the 60's, so too did Automobile Alley. Today, though, there is renewed interest in restoring the unique urban area, and a number of businesses have joined the renaissance.


Broadway Avenue, the primary north-south street in Automobile Alley, was one of Oklahoma City's widest in the city's infancy, and early residential homes along the street turned into commercial buildings by the 1920's. Car dealerships found a home in the area as did car service companies, hotels and apartment buildings. According to downtown officials, 52 of Oklahoma City's first 76 automobile dealerships were located in the Automobile Alley district.

Much of the area began to deteriorate in the coming decades, though, as land around the railroad tracks was utilized for industrial and manufacturing space until the early 1960's. It wasn't until the time period after the Oklahoma City bombing that city officials began to emphasize a rejuvenation for Automobile Alley, calling it a "front-door to downtown" and aiding in the transition from warehouses and wide-bay buildings to galleries, restaurants and loft apartments.

Location and Directions

Automobile Alley is located along Broadway Avenue in the northeast part of downtown, from 4th to 13th. It extends only slightly west of Broadway but east to I-235. The area is easily accessible from I-235, which connects to several other major Oklahoma City highways.

Zip Codes

73102, 73103, 73104

To See and Do

  • Historic buildings
  • Historic Flat Iron area
  • Multiple excellent restaurants, bars and cafes such as Red Prime Steakhouse, Iguana Grill, Hideaway Pizza, Hillbilly's, Kamp's 1910 Cafe, Coffee Slingers, Sidecar Wine Bar, Sara Sara Cupcakes and S&B Burger Joint
  • Shopping at Plenty Mercantile, The Factory, Oklahoma Shirt Company, Schlegel Bicycles, Sara Kate Studios, Water's Edge Winery and more
  • The Womb arts center
  • Upscale lofts and apartments
  • Annual event favorites such as Chocolate Decadence, Downtown in December holiday lights and the Midnight Streak

    Nearby Hotels and Lodging

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    • The Skirvin Hotel
      • One Park Avenue
    • Holiday Inn Express
      • 101 East Main Street
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      • 209 North Walnut Avenue
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      • 1200 North Walker Avenue
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