Spending July in Australia

The Annual Beer Can Regatta held in Darwin
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July in Australia is one of the best months for skiing and other snow activities. You can ski in New South Wales in the Snowy Mountains, Victoria in the state's Alpine regions, and Tasmania in some of its high-altitude national parks.

The Australian ski season traditionally starts on the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend in June and ends on the Labor Day weekend in October. Ski resort operations may start earlier or later than these dates depending on snow conditions.

Christmas in July

Because Christmas occurs in the Australian summer, the Blue Mountains west of Sydney celebrates Christmas in July during its winter Yulefest.

Darwin Regatta

At Australia's Top End, July is the month when the Darwin Beer Can Regatta takes place. This is a fun competition when boats made of beer cans race one another in the water on Mindil Beach.


Because it's midwinter in Australia, you'd expect it to be colder than usual — and colder as you go further south.

So Hobart is generally cold with average temperatures ranging from 4° to 12°C (39°-54°F). But Canberra, southwest of Sydney and much further north than Hobart, can be colder with average temperatures ranging from 0° to 11°C (32°-52°F).

Interestingly, in Australia's Red Centre, where you think it might be really warm since it's further north, Alice Springs has an average range of 4° to 19°C (39°-66°F).

But go further north, and the weather remains tropical with temperatures ranging from 17° to 26°C (63°-79°F) in Cairns and 20° to 30°C (68°-86°F) in Darwin.

These being average temperatures, it can be colder or warmer on certain days and nights and can dip below freezing point.

Winter Rain

The wettest city in July is Perth with an average rainfall of 183mm, followed by Sydney with 100mm. The driest city in July would be Darwin with an average rainfall of only 1mm.

The Tropical North

For those who wish to escape the winter cold, tropical Australia should be a favorite destination.

This region encompasses an area in Queensland from around the Tropic of Capricorn to Cairns and further north; and in the Northern Territory, Darwin, and nearby areas. Inland, in the Red Heart of Australia, it could be warm in the daytime but cold at night.