Australia Will Reopen Its Borders to Vaccinated Tourists on Feb. 21

After two years of strict closures, the country is open for business

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If Australia has been at the top of your bucket list, it's time to book those tickets. The nation is reopening its borders to vaccinated tourists on Feb. 21, 2022.

Travelers from New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea have enjoyed visiting Australia since November 2021, and now the rest of the world can join in on the fun. Every new arrival must be fully vaccinated and present proof of vaccination upon landing. The only exception to this rule is for people who are medically unable to be vaccinated. And those travelers will need written documentation explaining why vaccination wasn't possible.

Massive losses in tourism revenue essentially drive this policy change. Since the pandemic, Australia has lost more than 101 billion Australian dollars (around $72 billion) in international and domestic spending, with global expenditure plummeting from over 44 billion Australian dollars to 1.3 billion Australian dollars. "Today's announcement will give certainty to our vital tourism industry, and allow them to start planning, hiring, and preparing for our reopening," read a statement from Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Stocks for Qantas Airlines and travel agency Flight Centre Travel Group have enjoyed a nice bump following the announcement showing renewed investor interest in the sector. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce went on to say that the airline is developing strategies to resume some international flights, according to reporting by NBC News.

While you'll be able to visit Australia just in time for fall, you'll have to wait a bit longer to hop a flight to New Zealand. Tourists from visa-free countries, including the U.S., won't be allowed to enter until July, based on statements from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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