Austin's Drop-Off Recycling Centers

Where to Take Electronics, Appliances, and Hazardous Items to Be Recycled

City Hall in Austin, TX
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The Recycle and Reuse Drop-Off Center (512-974-4343) is located at 2514 Business Center Drive in southeast Austin. Most services are free for Travis County residents. The main categories of items the center accepts are appliances, electronics, and household hazardous waste.


Appliances commonly processed at the center include air conditioners, exercise equipment, stoves, washers, and dryers.


Computers, fax machines, cell phones, and televisions can be safely disposed of and/or recycled through the center.

Hazardous Waste

Potentially hazardous fluids should be in containers that hold no more than 5 gallons. They must be in their original packaging to be accepted by the center. Make sure the containers are stored safely in your car so that they remain upright throughout the trip.


The center can also process children’s plastic pools, pet carriers, clean plastic bags, dry Styrofoam and lawn chairs.

See the complete list of accepted items.

Large tires can also be dropped off, but there is a fee of $7 for each tire.

Free Stuff

While you’re at the center, you can reward yourself for your responsible environmental stewardship by picking up some freebies at the ReUse Store. While the items available vary, you can often pick up free art supplies and cleaning products. Planning a painting project? Pick up some Austin ReBlend paint for free. Blended from recycled paint (that’s inspected for safety), Austin ReBlend is usually beige, but other colors are sometimes available. Mulch is also available at no cost, but you’ll have to load it yourself. Bring your own shovel and large mulch containers.

San Marcos

Although the city doesn’t have a dedicated drop-off center, it accepts hazardous waste, batteries and fluorescent lights at 630 East Hopkins from noon to 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. See San Marcos’ full list of accepted items.

Round Rock

Residents of Round Rock can drop off items at the Recycling Center (512-218-5559) at 310 Deepwood Drive. The center accepts aluminum foil, soup cans, water heaters, and stoves. It can also process hazardous wastes such as motor oil, car batteries, gasoline and power steering fluid. See Round Rock’s full list of accepted items.

Household waste collection events are also scheduled throughout the year in Round Rock. Items accepted at these special events include pesticides, mercury, paint thinner and pool chemicals.


The drop-off recycling center (512-618-7175 ) in Wimberley is located at 1691 Carney Lane. The center accepts paper, glass bottles, cardboard and tin cans. Only a limited number of hazardous items are accepted; these include batteries, antifreeze, and motor oil. See Wimberley’s full list of accepted items.


The recycling drop-off location (512-858-9515) in Driftwood is at 100 Darden Hill Road. The facility processes plastic bottles, phone books, magazines and aluminum cans. See Driftwood’s complete list of accepted items.


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