Austin's Best Candy Stores

Sweet Treats Range from Gourmet Chocolates to Old-School Hard Candies

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If the kids have been on their best behavior for a surprisingly long period of time, maybe it’s time to reward them with a trip to a candy shop. On the other hand, if you’re having a bad day, sometimes all you need to perk yourself up is a bag full of decadently delicious goodies.

1. Big Top Candy Shop

A feast for the eyes as well as the piehole, Big Top fits right in among the eclectic antique stores and restaurants along South Congress Avenue.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are lined with colorful rock candy, peppermint sticks and other candies for sale in bulk. Of course, kids love the Big Top Candy Shop, but adults may find packaged candies they remember from their childhood that they thought were long gone. Popular treats from other countries are also available. The shop even has an old-fashioned soda fountain. 1706 South Congress Avenue; (512) 462-2220

2. Edis' Chocolates

Edis Rezende has been making fine chocolates in Austin since 2002. Whether you’re in the market for truffles or chocolate hearts, your every chocolate-based fantasy can be fulfilled here. The small shop also makes handcrafted cakes and pastries -- many filled with chocolate! Other popular items include lemon bars, chocolate mousse and chocolate cookies. Rezende is originally from Brazil, and she enjoys experimenting with chocolate-making techniques brought from her home country as well as those she has learned in her travels around the world.

 3808 Spicewood Springs Road; (512) 795-9285

3. Lammes Candies

Well known for chocolate-covered strawberries and chewy pecan pralines, Lammes Candies has been around since 1878. The Longhorn is the store’s signature creation, blending milk chocolate, pecans and caramel. The assorted dark chocolates are another Austin favorite.

On Valentine's Day and other holidays, the store has some of the best chocolate-covered strawberries and grapes in town. 5330 Airport Boulevard; (512) 453-2899

4. Candy Cart

A food truck for candy lovers, Candy Cart is actually big enough to walk around in. And it has hardwood floors! Many of the candies are organic and vegan, but don’t worry -- it all tastes great. Don’t miss the chocolate bark and homemade peanut butter cups. 24th and Nueces; (512) 627-7669

5. Godiva Chocolatier

Offering a huge variety of chocolate truffles, Godiva may be a little expensive, but sometimes the introduction of a little high-end candy bribery is just what a struggling relationship needs. The ornate box alone will make anyone feel special. They also have a large selection of dark chocolates, which are healthy, aren’t they? 2901 South Capital of Texas Highway; (512) 327-0379

6. The Candy Jar

Located at the Hill Country Galleria, the Candy Jar features massive bins of everything from taffy to gumballs. The shop also serves New Orleans-style snowballs, which are similar to snowcones but better. They’re made with finely shaved ice and homemade syrup -- and topped with whipped cream. 12700 Hill Country Boulevard; (512) 402-1177

7. Sugarfina

Sugarfina bills itself as a candy store for grown-ups, and when you see the prices, you’ll understand why. All the candies are beautifully packaged, making them an excellent choice for those special occasions when you’re not sure what type of gift to buy. You can’t miss with champagne gummy bears that contain actual Dom Perignon. The Sugarfina Faves is an eight-piece sampler featuring many of the store’s best-selling candies, including robin’s egg caramels and dark chocolate toffee almonds. 11700 Rock Rose Avenue, Suite 140; (855) 784-2734

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