8 Aussie Snacks and Foods Every Traveller Must Try

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    Snacks and Foods Every Traveller in Australia Must Try

    Food on table
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    When it comes to ‘Aussie food’, we may not have the distinct cuisine of cultures like Asia, India, Africa or Mexico, but we do boast some tasty dishes you really can’t get anywhere else.

    Any ex-pat will tell you how much they miss just a simple piece of Vegemite toast, chowing down on lamingtons or being able to sit by the beach and enjoy fish and chips.

    On your holiday in Australia, here’s some fair dinkum tucker you’ve just gotta get in your gob!

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    Crocodile Pie – Fredrickton, mid-north coast, New South Wales

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    We are a pie-loving nation, which means that no matter what small town you drive through in Australia, you’re going to see a café claiming to sell the ‘best pies’. Now, whether you agree with this statement will depend on what elements you find most important in the pie – is it the flaky pastry or the tender filling, or the combination of both?

    Fredo Pie Shop is one such place the truly delivers on its promise. It’s now a victim of the Pacific Highway bypass; in the past, driving between Brisbane and Sydney would have you sailing right past Fredo at around the mid-way point on the NSW mid-north coast, so it became something of a popular pit-stop.

    Nowadays, you need to actively seek out the pie shop during your drive through the towns of Kempsey and Fredrickton. The famous Fredo Pie Shop offers an insane variety of pies, including crocodile, as well as good old Aussie lamb in mint, steak and kidney, chicken mornay and loads more. You’ll want to take a couple of extras as ‘roadies’. 

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    Nanango Peanut Wagon – Nanango, Queensland

    Peanuts in the shell
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    Visit any pub in Australia and you’re bound to find a bowl or two of peanuts on the bar. Taking the humble ‘nut’ to a whole new level is the Nanango Peanut Wagon, Queensland.

    It offers an amazing variety of peanuts – from boiled in the shell, to salt and vinegar, chili and lime, hickory and honey – as well as chocolate covered macadamias, raw nuts, peanut butter and coldpressed oils.

    The wagon is set up all year round (only closed on Christmas Day) in the Lions Park on the D’Aguilar Highway, as you drive through the South Burnett town, which is part of peanut-growing country. It’s about a two-hour scenic drive from Brisbane, but many say it’s worth the journey! For the best Brisbane Accommodation, go to Trip Advisor for the best deals.

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    Lamington – Adelaide, South Australia

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    There are few greater pleasures in life than biting into a deliciously fresh lamington. For the uninitiated, a lamington is comprised of a delightful vanilla sponge, smothered in chocolate cream and finished with flaky coconut – a true dessert lovers paradise!

    The freshness of the sponge can make all the difference between a ho-hum taste and an extraordinary culinary experience, while the type of chocolate and coconut covering can depend on personal preference.

    Upholding the traditional ‘lamo’ and winning a number of awards doing so, is Kytons Bakery in Adelaide, South Australia. While the company specializes in bulk orders for things such as a fundraising Lamington Drives, you can also call into the retail outlet in Edwardstown to grab some morning tea and have a great chat with the super friendly staff.

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    Scones for Devonshire Tea – Charlton, Victoria

    scones with devonshire cream
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    What makes a great scone? It’s got to be fresh, light and fluffy and always served with ample jam and cream.

    This is just how they come at the Timeless Treasures and Tearoom in Charlton, around 245km northwest of Melbourne. The quaint little café offers plenty of old world charm to match a delightful Devonshire Tea. It’s easy to see why this place has got a five-star rating on Trip Advisor.

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    Fish and Chips – Darwin, Northern Territory

    Fish and chips
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    Ask any Aussie for a favorite childhood memory of family holidays to the beach, and you’re bound to get a story about eating fish and chips out of newspaper. This old-school picnic-style dining is alive and well in the Top End!

    What makes this fish and chips experience at La Beach on Marina Blvd in Darwin even better, is that you can enjoy your meal while watching the sunset. The area is known for its amazing Barramundi, and you won’t be disappointed if you order some Barra and chips and top it off with a wine at the licensed venue. Just be sure to check the regulations regarding drinking in public before cracking open your bottle.

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    Steak and Chips – Hobart, Tasmania

    Steak and chips
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    You may not know that Australia is officially the steak champion of the world, having won the inaugural title in 2015.

    The humble steak and chips are really about as Australian as it gets, and the pub culture down under has built its reputation on offering the juiciest, tastiest cuts going.

    There are top-notch steakhouses in every city and town you visit, and a quick chat with your hotel concierge or taxi driver will point you in the right direction. When in Hobart, you can’t go past the New Sydney Hotel for a steak cooked to perfection. Their menu is well beyond your basic counter meal, with some fancy pickings along with the classics, including first-rate Australian beef.

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    Kids Milkshake – Scone, New South Wales

    Kids milkshake
    Asser House Cafe Facebook Page

    Don’t blame us if the kids are bouncing off the walls after this one! Going far beyond simple milk blended with syrup found in a standard milkshake, the Asser House Café takes things to the next level with their ‘Crazy Shakes’.

    It’s billed as a treat for the kids, but this specialty dessert is popular that adults will travel hours out of their way to enjoy a stacked drink – and it’s totally worth it! Asser makes milkshake perfection by adding whipped cream, ice cream, wafers, malteser chocolates, lolly snakes and more. You may want to visit on an empty stomach!

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    Anzac Biscuits – Anywhere in Australia (especially during April)

    Anzac biscuits
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    For Australians, there is something a little wrong about buying Anzac biscuits ­– they’re such a quintessential Aussie treat, and they’re just so darn easy to bake yourself!

    But if you’re a bit uneasy in the kitchen, the next best thing can be found at your local supermarket. UNIBIC produces a new collectors' tin each year to commemorate Anzac Day (April 25) and funds go back to the RSL, or you can always pick one of these Australian cookie treats up from local cafés and bakeries.