Aussie Slang Starting With the Letter H

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The Australian vernacular is rich with variants in speech and sayings. With each saying being as brilliantly absurd as the last, Aussie slang allows Australians to promote and present themselves in a variety of different ways.

So, without further ado, here are some of the greatest Australian slang terms starting with the letter H.

Half Your Luck 

Would you believe it? This means "congratulations" or "best wishes". We think it evolved from the saying "I wish I had half your luck" or "I'd be happy if I had half your luck."

This is a term that is largely used in situations when people are aiming to express excitement or support for a fellow friend. If your best mate finds $5 on the floor, for instance, you might exclaim “Half your luck!”


Meaning: Handkerchief

This term is used to refer to the great Australian staple, the handkerchief. This little piece of cloth is a classic replacement for tissues and is typically used by any hard working Australian who’s facing a terrible flu.

3. Happy as Larry. Extremely happy, without a care in the world.

Harry as Larry is a bit of a dated term referring to somebody who doesn’t take life too seriously and lets life deal out its punches. Not being too phased by brutal parts of life, this term refers to those who really live life peacefully and do this, day by day. You might say, “I was happy as Larry until it started raining and ruined my BBQ.”

4. Hard yacker. Also hard yakka. Means hard work.

Hard yacker, more commonly spelled ‘hard yakka’, is a term that refers to a real challenge that requires a great amount of effort to complete. The term first emerged in the 1840s and has its origins in the Yagara language. Now it also refers to an Australian clothing brand, making it clear that this term has left quite an imprint on Australian culture.

5. Hassle. v. Give problems, complications or aggravations, as in Don't hassle me, mate.

The term is a common term used to describe a pressing issue that causes immediate trouble. Hassle is often used in order to describe negative things though it has lately found a more interesting term.

6. Hassles. n. Problems, complications, aggravations, as in I got into a lot of hassles, or Spare me the hassles.

Similarly to the term hassle, hassles are often used in a plethora of Australian sayings. The term ‘no hassles mate’ is a common phrase often exchanged between people in Australia.

7. Homestead. Main residence on a sheep or cattle station (ranch or farm).

This term often refers to a country-styled home that is often situated within the more remote areas. With property sizes often equating to 160-acres or more, these homes often feature a sheep or cattle station.

8. Hooroo. Goodbye, see you later.

Hooroo is a classic, yet slightly dated, term that is used to say goodbye to people in a colloquial and friendly manner.

There you have it, an exhaustive list of Australian terms starting with the letter H and all the context that a person could ever hope for – take this knowledge and use it wisely, my friends.

Edited and updated by Sarah Megginson.

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