Where to Find Nude Beaches in Austrailia

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 For most of us, a trip to the beach means stripping down – to a point! We generally still sport a swimsuit or some board shorts before braving the waves.

But for those who are a little more adventurous, and those who want to avoid the telltale tan lines of pesky swimsuits, you’ll be pleased to know that some Australian beaches allow you to strip off altogether.

These beaches are understandably secluded, and some rules do apply – such as no photography without permission and no sexual activity – but with a little respect and common sense, you can enjoy your sun or sea bathing sans bathers.

If you’re looking for a spot to relax with nothing on your mind or your body, here’s where you can find Australia’s best nude beaches!

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Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

It’s a bit of a hike to get to Lady Bay Beach, Australia’s oldest and most well known nudist beach. People have been getting their gear off here long before nudity was legalized in 1976. To get there, take the Sydney Ferry to Watson’s Bay and walk towards the heads. You’ll pass the family-friendly Camp Cove, head up some stairs and then down a steep path to the 100m strip of sand that is Lady Bay Beach.

Clothing is optional on the beach only, so make sure to keep your kit on until you hit the sand. There is a lookout far above the beach so self-conscious bathers may want to skip this one!

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Armand’s Bay, Bermagui South, New South Wales

About an hour north of Bega, this 250m strip of coastline set in natural bushland is a perfect place for first-time skinny dippers to find their confidence – and lose their clothes!

The beach offers great body surfing and access is a 5-minute walk on a well-maintained track. The beach is completely secluded, apart from other nudists, so it’s safe from sneaky photos and voyeuristic peeping toms.

There are no facilities at the beach, so make sure to take food and water with you, and remember to take everything back with you when you leave.

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Kambah Pool, Kambah, Australian Capital Territory

A short 20-minute drive from Canberra, it’s not just beaches that get the nudist treatment. Nudists frolic, bath and sunbake on the banks of the beautiful Murrumbidgee River, with easy access from the lower car park off Berritt Road.

Barbeque and toilet facilities have been provided, but remember if you’re neglecting your cover-up when you’re eating lunch, remember to slip a towel over the picnic benches.

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North Sunnyside Beach, Sunnyside, Victoria

Being a bay beach, don’t expect big surf here – if there’s any at all! North Sunnyside is a popular nudist beach and is known as a particularly friendly beach. Located about an hour from Melbourne, the beach is surrounded by private properties, but enclosed by a large wall, shielding beach-goers from any nosy neighbors.

While there’s good cover from the wind, the shade is in very short supply, so remember to pack plenty of sunscreen and a beach umbrella, lest you end up with a very sensitive burn.

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Maslin Beach, Southport, South Australia

This little gem is just 45-minutes south of Adelaide, making it the perfect stop off for those visiting the South Australian capital to get their gear off for a legal skinny dip.

The entire beach is around 3 kilometers in length, but the clothes-optional area is the most southern part of the beach. You can either walk through the clothed section of the beach, or park in the cliff parking and head down the concrete staircase to the nudist section. The staircase is quite steep, so best for the more agile nudists. Toilet and shower facilities can be found around halfway up the staircase.

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Warnbro Beach, Rockingham, Western Australia

Warnbro Beach, around 53 kilometers from Perth, is a recent addition to the clothes-optional club. After years of local lobbying, a section of the beach has been granted legal dress-optional status.

This beach is best enjoyed in the morning, with its clean, firm sand and calm waters that are safe even for little ones or weak swimmers. In the afternoon, once the wind has picked up, it can become a little uncomfortable. If you’re planning on heading in the afternoon remember to pack a good windbreaker.

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Casuarina Beach, Darwin, Northern Territory

Though beach-goers can enjoy the sand and the freedom of Casuarina Beach all year round, swimming is restricted to the dry winter season, or May to October, because of the lethal box jellyfish that sometimes populate the area.

Regardless of swimming restrictions, Casuarina Beach, which is only 20 minutes from Darwin, is a very popular spot for families, couples, and groups.

It has a dedicated nudist section, called Casuarina Free Beach, which is a 500, stretch between the main beach area and Sandy Creek, where clothes are optional. 

There is plenty of clean sand for the little ones to play in, coastal walks for the adults and the occasional game of cricket or beach volleyball looking for extra players. There are showers and toilets available on the beach, so you can wash off any pesky sand before jumping back in the car.

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