10 Aussie Foods You Have To Try

Australia is home to plenty of one-of-a-kind experiences, boasting some of the most unique animals and landscapes in the world. But Aussie food can be just as unique as its flora and fauna, from the infamous Vegemite to a Kangaroo burger! Here are 10 Aussie meals that you have to try on your trip Down Under.

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Aussie Foods You Have To Try

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1. Vegemite on Toast

This well-known spread is loved by Aussies, although it’s almost universally detested worldwide! There are a few rules for eating Vegemite properly: always eat it on bread or toast with butter. Only spread a very small amount. And, if the taste is still too strong, add something on top. Vegemite goes well with cheese, tomato, avocado and even tuna.

2. Salt and Pepper Squid

Rings of calamari are covered in salt and pepper batter, before being deep- or flash-fried in this Australian classic pub meal. Served with chips or salad, it’s ideal paired with an ice-cold beer for some true blue Aussie grub.

3. Harry’s Tiger Pie from Harry’s Café de Wheels

For many, the picture of Australian cuisine is a meat pie smothered in tomato sauce, but Harry’s Tiger from the infamous Harry’s Café de Wheels takes this quintessentially Aussie meal to a whole new level: covered in mashed potato, mushy peas and gravy, this pie is your ticket to being an honorary Aussie.

4. Doyles Famous Fish and Chips

Australians love their seafood, and the best place for fresh seafood is the Sydney Fish Markets. Peruse the aisles of mouth-wateringly fresh fish, oysters and prawns before heading to Doyles Restaurant for a delicious, fresh, and fair dinkum Australian fish and chips.

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Aussie Foods You Have To Try

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5. Moreton Bay Bugs

Moreton Bay Bugs, despite sounding like something you’d rather keep out of your food, are Australia’s answer to the lobster and are something of a delicacy. You can buy Bugs from seafood markets, or let someone else do the hard work and tuck into a Barbequed Bug at George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant in Brisbane.

6. Chicken Parmigiana

Italian in name, Australian in nature, the Chicken Parmigiana (or “Chicken Parmy”) is another meal you’ll find in pubs across the country. A chicken schnitzel topped with a Neapolitan-inspired sauce, ham and melted cheese is a must after a long day exploring what Australia has to offer.

7. King Prawns

This Australian favourite is fantastic on the barbeque, marinated in garlic and oil, or simply steamed, peeled and drizzled with lemon. In fact, an Aussie Christmas isn’t complete without a bowl of king prawns.

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Aussie Foods You Have To Try

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8. Kangaroo Burgers

Kangaroo meat has become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years, thanks to the discovery that it’s high in protein and iron while having almost no fat. You’ll find kangaroo steaks available in high-end restaurants, but by far the best way to try ‘roo is in a burger – specifically, a gourmet Kangaroo burger from Moo Gourmet Burgers in Newtown, Sydney, with caramelised onion and beetroot.

9. Macadamia Nuts

Eaten whole or roasted, crushed and scattered over ice cream, Macadamia nuts are one of Australia’s favourite snacks. They’re sweet, making them perfect for dessert, but also great for adding a little nuttiness to a main meal. For the perfect Macadamia nut-infused dessert, head to Dello Mano in Brisbane for their mac-infused Classic Luxury Brownies.

10. Barramundi

As one of Australia’s most popular eating fish, you’ll find Barramundi on the menu at restaurants all across Australia and around the world. Arguably the best Barramundi is found in the north of Australia, where Barramundi can be caught wild. If you’re heading to Darwin, in the Northern Territory, make a trip to The Barra Bar Seafood Café for mouth-watering local Barramundi with a generous side of beer-battered chips.

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