August Weather in Las Vegas

Average Temperatures in August in Las Vegas

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There is no way to sugar coat this information. Las Vegas in August is hot. Ugly hot. The kind of hot that makes you bitter. So, stay in the casino. Go to the pool. See a show. Whatever you do, you must take advantage of the great rates during the summer and forget about the high temperatures. Yes, it is a dry heat so you'll be fine. Drink plenty of water and wear some sunscreen.

You should not avoid Las Vegas in the middle of summer but you should regulate your time in the sun. A long day at the pool is fun but it will exhaust you and ruin you for the great Las Vegas nightlife. Instead, take the August weather and use it to your advantage. Stay out late at night and sleep in the next day. Spend a few hours at the swimming pool and get a golden Las Vegas tan and then prep yourself for another night of fun. Evening temperatures are usually bearable.

Average Temperatures in August in Las Vegas

  • Average High Temperature in August in Las Vegas: 103 F (39.4 C)
  • Average Low Temperature in August in Las Vegas: 74 F (23.3 C)
  • Average Rainfall in August in Las Vegas: .49”
  • Average Humidity in August in Las Vegas: 26%


Pool Season in August in Las Vegas?
It’s super hot. It’s so hot you can feel the skin on the bottom of your feet baking as you walk into the water. SPF 50, bottle of water and a cocktail. Even though the sun is relentless, I still find that the pool scene in August is incredible. You’ll love it and it makes for the perfect way to get you into your room for an afternoon nap.

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Walking Weather in August in Las Vegas?
Blazing hot, sweat, thirst, very little clothing, sunscreen. Need I say more? Drink plenty of water and walk into every casino for a reprieve. You'll still see plenty of people walking but they are all trying to hydrate, so you should too.

Golf Conditions in August in Las Vegas?
Play early or play late and avoid the mid day heat. Don't even think that an afternoon round will be pleasant as long as you have plenty of beer. That is a recipe for disaster. Drink more water than you ever do and stay in the shade. Also, do not walk a golf course in the middle of August in Las Vegas. You'll collapse.

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Perfect attractions in August in Las Vegas:
The casino bar.  A bar inside a resort. A bar with a television. Maybe that is an exaggeration but a bar by the pool works well for a little while. See an afternoon show and have a long lunch.

Possible day trips in August in Las Vegas: Too warm to drive unless you want to feel very hot. In that case go to Death Valley where the mercury will be higher than the Las Vegas strip.

Something you should know about August in Las Vegas:
Great hotel deals because it is a bit warm.

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