August Travel in the Caribbean

Monthly Caribbean Travel Guide

Royal Caribbean ship at Labadee Beach on Haiti
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Hurricane season in the Caribbean is underway in earnest in August, but the odds of a tropical storm or full-blown hurricane are still less than they would be in September. However, to lessen your chance of getting hit by a hurricane or major storm on your trip, stay clear of the more eastern islands, including Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas. The southern Caribbean, from Aruba to Tobago, is usually the safest place to avoid these storms, as they are out of the normal path of Atlantic hurricanes.


August temperatures typically range from about 78ºF to 88ºF, and summer humidity levels are present on many islands. Although August is one of the hottest months in the Caribbean, it is still only a few degrees higher on average than even the "coldest" months, as the ocean regulates the temperature. 

In August, the Caribbean Sea is also at its warmest with an average 83ºF temperature. Even if the August temperatures back home are similarly hot and humid, you're not likely to find seawater this comfortable to swim in!

On average, there are about 12 rainy days in the Caribbean in August, as August is the beginning of the rainy season in the Caribbean. Wetter regions in August include Nassau in the Bahamas, as well as Martinique and Dominica. 

Visiting the Caribbean in August: Pros

Low-season rates are the biggest attraction, plus warm, mid-summer temperatures throughout the region, including the Bahamas and Bermuda. If you want to stay at uncrowded resorts and have plenty of elbow room at the beach, this is the time to visit the Caribbean! Plus, this is the month you're likely to find the best deals on Caribbean flights and hotels.

Visiting the Caribbean in August: Cons

Some destinations may feel a bit "dead" at this time of year, and not every attraction may be open. For Bermuda, however, August is the height of high season. Tropical storms and hurricanes are a concern across the region in August, and since temperatures in the northern latitudes are about the same as they are in the tropics, travel to the Caribbean doesn't have as much 'fun in the sun' appeal during August.

What to Wear and What to Pack

Loose-fitting cotton layers will keep you cool during the day, especially on islands where the climate is more tropical and humidity can be an issue. Don’t forget a swimsuit, plenty of sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Though most places will provide poolside towels, you may also want to pack your own beach towel if you have a particular preference in size, especially. Also, depending on the weather, a light jacket may or may not be needed at night, and if you're worried about that early-hurricane season rainfall, a rain jacket might also be a good choice.


You’ll want dressier clothes for visiting nice restaurants or clubs, and it's always a good idea to check the dress code policy before going out; some places require a sports coat, some require a collared shirt, etc. You'll also want to bring more formal footwear than just flip-flops and sneakers.

August Events and Festivals

I love Cup Match in Bermuda, and you will too even if you are not a fan of cricket. The entire island takes off for this national holiday. August also is the culmination of Barbados' summer-long Crop Over festival.

And, as always, keep an eye out for weekly events going on at your resort or hotel. Even if there are no island-specific events happening, there is almost always some kind of entertainment happening every night, from cover bands to dance clubs to limbo contests and more!