August in New Zealand

Weather and Best Things to See and Do in August in New Zealand

Wanaka, near Queenstown, in August
••• Wanaka, near Queenstown, in August. Image Courtesy of New Zealand Tourism/Lake Wanaka Tourism

August Weather

August is the last month of winter in New Zealand. The weather can be rather changeable, often rainy (especially in the North lsland) with a mixture of stormy wet weather fronts and fine, sunny yet cool spells. Snow in the mountain regions of the South Island and central parts of the North Island experience make this the height of the ski and winter sports season.

Later on in the month, there is often a hint of spring, which starts officially on September 1.

Pros of Visiting New Zealand in August

  • It's quiet. With no school holidays or public holidays in August, even the ski fields are not crowded.
  • Lower prices. There are often good deals on airfares to New Zealand, as well as low season rates on accommodation and travel within the country.
  • Beautiful mountain scenery with plenty of snow.
  • Skiing and snowboarding conditions are at their best.
  • Cheap Bus and Coach Travel in New Zealand

Cons of Visiting New Zealand in August

  • Changeable weather: Cold in both islands and wet and stormy in the North Island. This can make planning your sightseeing difficult (especially for weather-dependent activities).
  • Some tour operators may be closed.
  • Similar 'cons' to travel to New Zealand in July. See: July in New Zealand

August Festivals and Events