August in Hong Kong: Weather and Event Guide

Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Hong Kong - Asia in Summer

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When you experience the Hong Kong weather in August for yourself, you’ll understand why summer is everybody’s least favorite time to visit. While the heat in Hong Kong is decidedly lower than the previous month’s, there’s still plenty to go around – with the occasional typhoon shutting everything down.

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid visiting in August. Hong Kong's beaches are great places to soak in the heat of the summer months. And as festivals go, the Hungry Ghost Festival takes place all throughout August.

So don’t rule out that August visit just yet – just make sure you know what to expect.

Hong Kong Weather in August

With temperature highs of 88 degrees Fahrenheit (31 degrees Celsius) and lows of 79 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius), August in Hong Kong represents a slight comedown from the previous month’s peak summer heat – but this may still feel a tad too high for most.

High humidity (about 80 percent) means you’ll be walking around in muggy air, your clothes slowly soaking up your sweat till they’re drenched. Evenings, frankly, aren’t much of a relief, with nighttime temperatures only going down to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius), only slightly better than in the daytime.

Hong Kong summers actually mean bursts of rain between starkly shining sun, adding up to an average of 18 inches for August, with rain falling on an average of 17 days in the month. And as August is in the middle of the Hong Kong typhoon season, the days will be occasionally blighted by a major storm battering the area.

Expect August weather to be terrible for walking outdoors; luckily, you’ll find plenty of air-conditioned escapes, whether in building lobbies, shopping malls or public transportation.

In August, ocean temperatures are generally at their warmest and most pleasant. August is the ideal time to visit Hong Kong's beaches. Silvermine Beach and Lo So Shing are two popular options in or near the city. A short trek outside the city to one of Hong Kong's many islands provides even more beach options and greater privacy.

Hong Kong in August
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What to Pack

Pack for both warm weather and sudden rainshowers, if you're preparing to visit Hong Kong at this time of the year. Your packing list should include:

  • Summer clothes: Bring light cotton or moisture-wicking clothing. Cotton is breathable, but absorbs sweat; you’ll be much better off in clothes that allows perspiration to evaporate instead of soaking it up. Wear long-sleeved shirts if you expect to be out in the sun a lot. Consider bringing a light sweater, when staying for extended periods in air-conditioned rooms. Bring appropriate shoes for travel – sneakers, flats or anything comfortable for walking.
  • Sun/rain protection: Prepare for both bright sunlight and sudden showers. Bring a small, foldable umbrella, which Hong Kongers like to keep handy both to ward off the sun and to keep one dry in the rain. Raincoats will feel terribly uncomfortable in the Hong Kong humidity; an umbrella will do fine. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, bring ultraviolet protection like sunglasses, sunscreen, and wide-brimmed headgear.
  • Liquids: Stay hydrated when traveling in Hong Kong’s heat: bring a water bottle with you when you go about. There are convenience stores on almost every corner, in case you need to make a water stop - but bringing your own bottle will help the environment in the long run.
  • Mosquito repellent: Bring mosquito repellent for your trips to the New Territories, where the bugs will be out for a meal.
  • Anti-allergy measures: With the flowers all abloom during August you’ll want to bring allergy medicine and dust masks if you’re sensitive to pollen.
Chinese opera stage for Hungry Ghost Festival, Hong Kong
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August Events in Hong Kong

For the month of August, visitors to Hong Kong can participate in the following events and festivals:

  • Seven Sisters Festival: Known as Qixi, or the Chinese answer to Valentine’s Day, the Seven Sisters Festival takes place on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. Go to Wan Chai and visit the Lovers’ Rock on Bowen Road to see locals celebrate the festival by praying for romance – and if you’re so inclined, do as the locals do.
  • Hungry Ghost Festival: Traditional-minded Chinese believe that ghosts return to the land of the living during Ghost Month, looking for food to eat and people to pester. Locals appease them with food, family get-togethers and Cantonese Opera performed on the streets. Visit Victoria Park in Causeway Bay for the most tourist-friendly Hungry Ghost celebrations, though you’ll find Chinese Opera and other signs of the festival everywhere in Hong Kong. Read more about the Hungry Ghost Festival.
  • Hong Kong Summer Fun: The Hong Kong Tourism Board pulls out all the stops promoting Hong Kong’s shopping, dining and accommodations for two months from July to August. Enjoy special discounts on Hong Kong tourism activities, and watch the calendar for special themed events. Official Discover Hong Kong page.

August Travel Tips

Follow these travel tips to survive your August Hong Kong trip:

  • Typhoon season will be in full swing in August. Category-8 storms, reserved for severe typhoons (see Typhoons in Hong Kong) sometimes visit Hong Kong during this month. But Hong Kong has long experience in dealing with typhoons.
  • Visit the Hong Kong Observatory website’s typhoon monitoring page to see what category storm to expect. To get through a typhoon, follow these dos and don’t’s of monsoon season travel.
  • Chinese summer holidays take place from July to August, meaning that a higher-than-average concentration of tourists from Mainland China will likely be visiting at this time. Expect longer queues and waiting times at popular Hong Kong attractions.  
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