Gay Pride Events in August 2018

A Worldwide Calendar of LGBTQ Celebrations This Month

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Although the official Gay Pride Month of the United States happens in June each year, many cities across America and around the world celebrate their Gay Pride events during the month of August instead. From St. Louis Black Gay Pride to Moscow Gay Pride, no matter where you are in the world this month, you're sure to find a celebration of the LGBTQ community.

While most of the world has become generally more accepting toward the LGBTQ community, keep in mind that while traveling abroad that some countries still criminalize homosexuality. However, as long as you stick to major European, Canadian, and American cities, you shouldn't have an issue with intolerance or bigotry during pride events.

Almost every day of the August has a pride celebration happening somewhere in the world, with several events taking place each week. While the schedule for some of these events may shift from year to year, you can generally expect that the following Pride events will take place around the same dates.

Pride Events in the United States

August 3 to 5: Eureka Springs Summer Diversity Weekend (Arkansas)

August 4: Capitol Pride of Oregon (Salem, Oregon)

August 7: Chesapeake Gay Pride (Annapolis, Maryland)

August 8 to 12: Rendezvous Wyoming Gay Pride (Wyoming), Rochester Black Gay Pride Weekend (New York)

August 9 to 12: Fargo Gay Pride (North Dakota)

August 11: Dover Gay Pride (Deleware), Eugene/Springfield Gay Pride (Oregon), Austin Gay Pride (Texas)

August 14 to 19: New York City Black Pride (New York)

August 17 to 18: Toledo Gay Pride (Ohio)

August 17 to 19: St. Louis Black Gay Pride (Missouri)

August 18 to 19: Charlotte Gay Pride

August 19: Allentown Gay Pride (Pennsylvania), Madison Gay Pride (Wisconsin), Pueblo Gay Pride (Colorado)

August 20 to 22: Taos Gay Pride (New Mexico)

August 23 to 26: Chico Gay Pride (California), New London Gay Pride (Connecticut)

August 24 to 26: South Carolina Black Gay Pride (South Carolina)

August 25 to 26: Silicon Valley Gay Pride (California)

August 25: Columbia Gay Pride (Missouri), Jersey City Gay Pride (New Jersey), Pacific Pride Festival (Santa Barbara, California), Stockton Gay Pride (California)

Pride Events in Canada

August 7 to 12: Saint John Gay Pride (New Brunswick)

August 8 to 12: Windsor-Essex PrideFest (Ontario)

August 9 to 19: Fierte Montreal (Quebec)

August 10 to 12: Fredericton Gay Pride (New Brunswick)

August 11 to 18: Kelowna Gay Pride (British Columbia)

August 18 to 25: Rivière De Fierté (Moncton, New Brunswick)

August 20 to 26: Capital Pride Canada or Fierte dans La Capitale (Ottawa, Ontario)

Pride Events in the United Kingdom

August 3 to 5: Brighton Gay Pride (England)

August 5: Leeds Gay Pride (England)

August 18: Doncaster Gay Pride (England)

August 24 to 26: Pride Cymru (Cardiff, Wales)

August 24 to 27: Manchester Gay Pride (England)

Pride Events in Europe

August 1 to 5: Belfast Gay Pride (Ireland), Hamburg Gay Pride (Germany), and Amsterdam Gay Pride (Netherlands)

August 6 to 12: Prague Gay Pride (Czech Republic)

August 7 to 12: Reykjavik Gay Pride (Iceland)

August 8: Antwerp Gay Pride (Belgium)

August 12: Christopher Street Day (Mannheim, Germany)

August 13 to 19: Galway Gay Pride (Ireland), Copenhagen Gay Pride (Denmark)

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