Disneyland in August: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Minnie and Mickey Mouse at the Disneyland castle
Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland. Courtesy of Disneyland

August at Disneyland is hot — as in temperatures, but also in popularity. People flock to Disneyland in August, meaning it's typically very crowded all day every day throughout the month.  

On the plus side, however, there's plenty of daylight and long hours, giving you plenty of time to have fun (and take breaks to avoid the heat and crowds). You can also expect a full entertainment lineup of parades, fireworks and light, and water shows.

Disneyland Crowds in August

Attendance starts to taper off a little by the last week of August as some of the kids get back in school.

The summer block on annual pass holder visits ends in mid-August. For a couple of weeks after that, crowds may go up while all the locals get their Disney fix, especially on weekdays after people get off work and on Friday evenings.

Disneyland Weather in August

If you're planning your trip months ahead of time, these averages can help you get a rough idea of what the weather will be like. To make plans for a trip that's coming up soon, check the current Disneyland weather forecast a few days ahead.

Is Disneyland too hot in August? For many people, the answer is yes. The weather can be described in one word, but it bears repeating three times for emphasis: It is hot, hot, hot. And even worse, it always feels hotter than what the thermometer says. In fact, you may get so hot that you'll feel like pouring that Dole whip over your head instead of eating it.

  • Average High Temperature: 77 F (25 C)
  • Average Low Temperature: 64 F (18 C)
  • Rain: 0 inches 
  • Humidity: 70 percent
  • Daylight: You will have a little more than14 hours of daylight to enjoy the parks

At the extremes, Anaheim's record low August temperature was 30 degrees, and its record high was 108 degrees.

If you're trying to decide what month to go to Disneyland and want more information about the weather year round, use the Disneyland weather and climate guide.

August Closures at Disneyland

Except for really major renovations that take many months, one advantage of going to Disneyland in August is that all the rides will be running, except for brief closures to do routine maintenance.

For a list of which rides are expected to be closed for refurbishment, check Touringplans.com.

Disneyland's August Hours

In general, Disneyland is open 14 to 16 hours per day, every day in August. California Adventure hours may be slightly shorter.

Check Disneyland's exact August hours up to 6 weeks in advance.

What To Pack

To combat the heat, try taking a small, refillable mister bottle to keep cool in line. Cooling neck bands, hats, and water bottles are also a must. But that water bottle that everyone always says you should take? Maybe not. An ice cold drink from a park vendor may cool you off better, even if it costs you a little more.

Choose footwear with thick soles and wear moisture-wicking socks to stay comfortable during long days spent exploring the park. Sandals are also ok but try for something substantial, not just cute.

Because it cools off quickly at dark, bring light layers for nights spent outside, and bring a waterproof layer, especially if you're going to watch Fantasmic! or World of Color (shows where audience members can get wet) up close. Make the innermost layer one that you'd be comfortable in if it's a little hotter than the forecast high.

As you're making your list, check these Disneyland packing tips

August Events at Disneyland

A charity 5K walk called CHOC Walk in the Park happens at Disneyland in late August. It benefits Children's Hospital of Orange County. Participants also get a chance to buy discounted Disneyland tickets on the day of the walk.

The big Disney fan expo called D23 is held in August every other year (years ending with an odd number) at the nearby Anaheim Convention Center. For more information on D23 check here.

August Travel Tips

  • With crowds at their peak all month, you'll need these tested and proven ways to avoid the lines.
  • Hotel prices will be high. To get some ideas that may help with the cost, use the guide to the best hotel rates at Disneyland.
  • Except for really major renovations that take many months, one advantage of the busier times at Disneyland is that all the rides will be running, except for brief closures to do routine maintenance.

Your perfect time to visit Disneyland depends on your likes and dislikes, your schedule, and of course, the weather. Start with the helpful tips about the best time to visit Disneyland, then check the pros and cons of visiting Disneyland in summer to find out more about going during that time of year.