August Calendar of Events in Puerto Rico

Wood-carved saints are an honored tradition in Puerto Rico. Photo © Zain Deane

This August celebrates some of the things that gives Puerto Rico its rich and vibrant culture. Wood-carved saints, salsa dancing, and patron saint festivals dominate the month.


  • SoFo Fest returns to Fortaleza Street, with participating restaurants taking to the streets to offer their culinary treats. It's one of the year's most popular culinary events.
  • If you like Margaritas, check out Margarita Fest at the Puerto Rico Convention Center and enjoy sampling a wide variety of this popular cocktail.
  • It's the 60th anniversary of the invention of the Piña Colada, and the Caribe Hilton is paying tribute with a festival dedicated to the cocktail it helped invent.

Events Calendar:

  • August 3-4: The Feria del Campo, one of the most important equestrian events on the island, celebrates its 31st year in 2013. It's a terrific chance to watch Paso Fino horses perform in all their majesty.
  • August 14-17:SoFo Fest, Fortaleza Street's outstanding culinary festival, is back for another summer weekend, with restaurants like The Parrot Club, Aguaviva, Dragonfly and more participating in an open-air foodie-friendly block party.
  • August 16: The Piña Colada Fest celebrates the 60th anniversary of th. The event takes place at the Caribe Hilton, an appropriate venue, since the world-famous cocktail was invented by a Hilton Caribe bartender. Tastings, mixologists, and live music are all part of the homage to the island's signature libation. 
  • August 17: The town of Juana Díaz, known far and wide for its reverence of the three kings (los reyes magos), holds its annual saints wood-carving contest. Saints, or santos, hold a special place in Puerto Rican arts and crafts, and the artists who make them, called santeros, show up to show off their skills.
  • August 23: The Puerto Rico Convention Center hosts its second annual Margarita fest, with cocktails, tastings and music.