August Anniversary Vacation Celebration Ideas

Celebrate Your August Anniversary With a Gift of Travel

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Is August the month when you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Then you probably don't mind the heat. In fact, you may relish it. (If you do find August heat uncomfortable, plan to take romantic siestas during the day. That'll give you extra energy to celebrate your anniversary at night and into the wee hours). So go ahead and frolic before Labor Day sends everyone back to business.

Any time of year, it's thoughtful to exchange cards and presents to commemorate an anniversary. However, many couples consider a great gift is a vacation together. (And if you top it with a vow renewal, that's the icing on the wedding cake redux!) Below find ideas for planning and booking an August anniversary getaway that both of you will love.

Hot Times in August

The best choices for anniversary couples when it's steamy outside are beaches. If you prefer spending time in cooler places to avoid the heat of August, consider a visit to the mountains or booking yourselves into an air-conditioned love nest.

August Is a Time of Bounty

More state fairs take place in August than during any other time of year. If you've never been or haven't been to one for a while, celebrate this year's anniversary at one of these spectacular events where there really is something for just about everyone.

Not only are state fairs relatively inexpensive, they're also loads of fun. Come hungry and try to win a prize for your beloved, and don't miss the midway. The top of a Ferris wheel is still a great place to kiss.

Keep in mind, though, that state fairs draw big crowds. So if you plan to visit one, make your hotel reservations now. The best time to visit is late in the day. By 5 or 6 pm, parents are escorting their cranky, overtired spawn out of the facility. That's when you can manage to score a good parking spot and enjoy less crowded attractions at the fair.

Smooth Sailing in August

Consider cruising in August. Couples have a wide selection of itineraries at this time of year. Whether you want to explore the islands of the Caribbean and enjoy time on their sun-drenched beaches (many cruise lines maintain a private beach just for passengers) or visit Europe or exotic ports, there's a wide selection of cruises and itineraries to choose from.

If this will be your first cruise, check out these questions to ask yourselves that will help you to identify the type of ship and itinerary that will make you happiest.

You can celebrate an August anniversary onboard a cruise ship by arranging special perks or even a vow renewal ceremony. Tip: Tell the restaurant maître d' it's your anniversary, and they may surprise you with something special.

The Dog Days of August

Although many people think this phrase describes the hottest and most humid period of the summer, it actually has much older origins. Ancient literature that mentioned the dog days actually was referring to the time of year when Sirius, the dog star in the constellation Canis Major and the brightest star in the sky, appears in the east before sunrise. If, after a couple of years of marriage, the dog is the star of your marriage, consider an anniversary trip that involves your own pet.

Keep in Mind 

In many places, school's still out in August. That means families are on vacation and many tourist attractions remain crowded with the young and obstreperous. If your idea of a romantic August anniversary doesn't include children, defensively consider adult-only hotels and casino resorts.

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