Attend a TV Show Taping in Toronto

It's normal to think of watching TV as an evening in, but in  Toronto, it can also make for a good evening out. There are several ​TV shows here that tape before a live studio audience, and free tickets are often up for grabs. So if you're looking for something a little different to do with friends or on a date, consider reserving a seat or two and becoming those audience members hosts are always talking about.

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Be an Audience Member for 'The Hour'

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George Stroumboulopoulos and his impressive array of guests delve into the issues of our times. The show tapes from 4:30pm to 5:30pm Monday to Wednesday, and until 6pm on Thursdays in the CBC building at 25 John Street. You have to book tickets ahead of time, so visit The Hour's website to see what guests are coming up and click on 'Get Tickets' for more details.

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Be an Audience Member for 'CityLine'

Food, health and home -- Marilyn Denis hosts this lively weekday morning show. Tickets for these Monday to Friday tapings are free but you can only go once a year. As anyone who's seen the show would expect, requests for Fashion Fridays are high so those tickets are given out on a lottery-style basis. Visit the CityLine website and click "reservation requests" for more ticket details.

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Be an Audience Member for 'Much on Demand'

Much Music welcomes audience members who are 16-26 years old to these live shows at 299 Queen Street West. And yes, you actually have to bring ID. They happen Monday to Friday from 5pm to 6pm, but anyone attending needs to reserve a spot and be there before 4pm. Visit the Much on Demand website to see what's coming up and click "Audience Info" to get in touch for tickets.

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Be an Audience Member for 'The Rick Mercer Report'

Well, you can try to be in the audience, anyway. This CBC hit sells out quickly, but looking early in the season - immediately after the summer hiatus - will give you the best chance. Otherwise, you can always take a chance on the stand-by list or rush seats. 

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