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Don't be afraid to use Greek ATMs

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••• Euros rule Greece now as drachmas are a thing of the past. deTraci Regula

Getting cash from ATMs in Greece is more popular than any other method of exchanging money. In most cases, you pay only your usual bank fee rather than a commission, though this may vary depending on your bank's policy. Generally, you will get the best available exchange rate as well.

Streetside ATMs are still the most common, though a few hotels, restaurants, and tavernas may have one.

Note: in busy tourist locations, it's very common for the machines to run out of money on weekends and to stay empty until mid-week.

Don't let yourself get so low on money that this will be a problem.

Special Tip: This one takes a little bravery if you don't read Greek, but it can literally pay off. The Greek ATMs with signs in English or other languages generally run out of money first. The all-Greek ATMs ten feet away will often still have Euros. In most cases, if you put your card into one of these all-Greek ATMs, the display will come up in English.

One More Thing Many Greek banks have their ATMs in glass-enclosed rooms just outside the bank itself. The doors will be locked, but there will be a card reader. Your ATM card, from whatever country, will open the lock. Just slide it in and enter.

Be smart - plan ahead so you aren't using ATMs in the wee hours of the night. While incidents are rare, this is a good policy to follow wherever you are on earth, not just in Greece.

While the worst of the Greek financial crisis may be calming down, during times of uncertainty ATMs may not be refilled on schedule.

Bank mergers are also reducing their number in some places in Greece, as previous competitors combine. Always have enough emergency cash for a few days.

Check the Greece for Visitors bulletin board for more tips on using ATMs and credit cards in Greece.

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