Atlanta's Top 10 Seasonal Gluten-Free Desserts

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    Atlanta's Top 10 Seasonal Gluten-Free Desserts


    When leaves start changing colors and falling from the trees, in come the flavors of fall—squash, apples, pecans, maple, and cinnamon. While these seasonal ingredients can be found in just about everything from drinks to tortilla chips, nowhere are they more welcomed than in desserts.  

    Of course, in years past, Celiacs and those avoiding gluten were hardpressed to find gluten-free seasonal treats in Atlanta. But the city’s gluten-free food scene has grown exponentially in recent years, and we’re beyond impress by local chefs’ gluten-free goodies.  

    Although not very seasonal, the chocolate chip doughnuts from Bon Glaze and cream cheese brownies from The Dessert Place have won a place in our hearts and deserve your attention. Both of these chocolate-y creations have nailed the texture and flavor components and are sure to be gobbled down by all willing to try them.  

    But to make this list, the sweet treats had to feature clever use of seasonal ingredients AND fool the most skeptical diner—it’s not enough to just be good with the caveat of “for being gluten-free”. These are the top 10 seasonal gluten-free treats that everyone will devour this Fall! 

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    Canoe's Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cake

    Pumpkin cake with fall-spiced pumpkin ice cream

    The Treat: Pumpkin cake with fall-spiced pumpkin ice cream ($9)

    The Bakery: Canoe (Atlanta – Not a Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets:  To be able to order gluten-free cake at a restaurant is incredibly unusual, especially a seasonal dessert, which makes this offering from Canoe that much more special. The cake, made with almond flour, fresh pumpkin puree, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin seeds and more, is topped with housemade white chocolate ganache and candied pumpkin seeds. The cake is served warm, topped with spiced pumpkin ice cream to lock in that fall flavor and create the perfect pumpkin-y creamy bite.  

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    Macaron Queen's Gluten-Free Champagne Macarons


    The Treat: Champagne and Pumpkin French Macarons ($10.95/5, $19.95/10, $28.95/15)

    The Bakery: Macaron Queen (Atlanta – Not a Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets:  Fragrant whipped cream is pressed between two meringue-like almond cakes to create the award-winning French macarons from Macaron Queen, who trained in Paris and brought her French pastry making skills to Atlanta in 2015. Her macarons are made with real almond meal, all natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, and manage to be low in calories, fat and sugar without compromising taste. Slightly crunchy on the outside with a moist silky center, their festive offerings include champagne macarons made with real French champagne topped with edible gold and pumpkin macarons filled with delicately spiced cream. 

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    Nicobella Organics Gluten-Free Truffles


    The Treat: Cinnamon Tumeric Spice Truffles ($12.95 for 6)

    The Bakery: Nicobella Organics (Atlanta – Not a Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: Traditional truffles feature a creamy ganache center enrobed in chocolate, so how hard could it be to turn them into a vegan and healthful treat? Nicobella was up to the challenge and sent owner Nichole Dandrea off to chocolatier school to discover how to make the transition. The resulting organic truffles are made with whole food ingredients and contain half the sugar and half the calories of traditional ones. Coconut oil and coconut milk create a velvety texture designed to indulge and nourish the body and provide a burst of energy. Warming cinnamon, healing turmeric and energizing cayenne are blended with Fair Trade 70% dark chocolate to create a chocolate treat that tastes sinful and spicy. The gorgeous packaging makes them a perfect gift – pick up a pack for yourself and that special person looking for a sweet vegan treat.

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    True Food Kitchen's Gluten-Free Squash Pie

    True Food Kitchen's Gluten-Free Squash Pie

    The Treat: Squash pie on graham crust topped with coconut whipped cream ($7/slice, $22/pie)

    The Bakery: True Food Kitchen (Buckhead – Not a Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: Though pumpkin is the popular squash this time of year, this pie celebrates one of the other, equally delicious, squashes – butternut. Ginger, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg are combined with butternut squash and layered on a homemade crispy graham crust then finished with whipped coconut cream. The pie is custard-like and more savory than sweet, so ask for extra coconut cream if you are looking for a sweeter experience. 

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    Gluten Free Cutie Bakery's Gluten-Free Apple Hand Pies

    Gluten Free Cutie Bakery's Gluten-Free Apple Hand Pies

    The Treat: Fried Apple Hand Pies ($4.95)

    The Bakery: Gluten Free Cutie Bakery (Roswell – Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: If you love apple pie, but hate the hassle of using a fork, then stop by this allergen-friendly bakery for a portable fried apple hand pie that will give you all the fall feels and flavor. Local apples from the north Georgia Mountains combined with cinnamon and brown sugar create the filling for this flaky pie-like crust fried to perfection and topped with homemade glaze. Made without any dairy, eggs, or soy in their dedicated gluten-free and nut-free bakery, brown rice flour, potato starch, tapioca, and arrowroot are combined to create the pie crust. These go fast, so call to reserve one or two or three. They may remind you of a ‘pie’ you can get in a drive through, but they taste way better and contain all natural ingredients with no artificial dyes or flavors. 

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    Just Cheesecake's Gluten-Free Purple Cheesecake

    Just Cheesecake's Gluten-Free Purple Cheesecake

    The Treat: Purple Sweet Potato Cheesecake ($2.25/slice; $8.88/ 7” cake)

    The Bakery: Just Cheesecake (Duluth – Not a Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: Just a short drive OTP nets you a slice of Japanese-style crustless cheesecake from Just Cheesecake. These light and fluffy cheesecakes are baked fresh daily and can be purchased by the slice or a whole cake. The slices are generous and come topped with a sweet sauce or fresh fruit of your choosing. Although it is available all year, the purple sweet potato cheesecake is a customer favorite that uses the flavors of fall to create a dessert layered with creamy sweet and savory notes. 

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    Seven Sisters Scones' Gluten-Free Scones

    Seven Sisters Scones' Gluten-Free Scones

    The Treat: Maple Pumpkin and S’mores Scones ($4)

    The Bakery: Seven Sisters Scones (Johns Creek – Not a Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: Seven Sister’s gluten-free scones are a buttery revelation brimming with fresh ingredients and a moist traditional wheat scone texture. One bite of a scone, which are larger than the palm of the average hand, will have one wondering - are they really gluten-free?  These scones are definitely gluten-free and use Cup4Cup’s certified gluten-free flour blend as its base. Pumpkin maple is their seasonal flavor that manages to smell and taste just like fall. Maple glaze and cinnamon chips top pumpkin scones spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. 

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    American Gra-Fruitti's Gluten-Free Cookies and Cake

    American Gra-Fruitti's Gluten-Free Cookies and Cake

    The Treat: It’s Not Fruit Cake Cookies and Cake ($16.99/1 pound cake, $32.99/2 pound cake, $19.99/1 pound cookie tin)

    The Bakery: American Gra-Fruitti (Roswell – Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: This is not the fruitcake that Uncle Bill used to send every holiday—you know, the one that worked best as a doorstop. This fruitcake is a work of art—available as either a cake or cookies—with hunks of quality fruits and nuts added to a batter spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and cooked until perfection. The result is a velvety cake that melts in your mouth. Available in traditional, berry wonderful, citrus berry bliss, or aged with brandy and sherry, this fruitcake will become a staple in your home and serve as a gift people will be thankful to receive. 

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    2B Whole European Gluten-Free Bakery's Bars

    2B Whole European Gluten-Free Bakery's Bars


    The Treat: Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Bars ($3.25 each; 2 for $6)

    The Bakery: 2B Whole European Gluten-Free Bakery (Alpharetta – Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: Fresh pumpkin and sweet potato are spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon and transformed into a velvety custard filling that sit atop a flaky buttery shortbread cookie crust made from a mixture of white rice flour, tapioca flour, and potato starch. Palm oil creates the buttery flavor and the creamy texture comes from coconut milk. While neither of these ingredients contains dairy, they manage to make the bars taste just like they are loaded with butter and full-fat milk. Rich and creamy, these portion-controlled bars are a great way to indulge without going too far.  

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    Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery's Apple Crisp

    Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery's Apple Crisp


    The Treat: Apple Crisp ($18.99 – 8”)

    The Bakery: Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery (Sandy Springs and Alpharetta – Dedicated GF Bakery)

    The Deets: Apples are at their best this time of year, and while they don’t need any extra flavor, dusting them with cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of vanilla really enhance their bold fruitiness. Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery tops spiced apples with a crispy and slightly sweet whole-grain, gluten-free oat and pecan crust to create their new fruity dessert - apple crisp. As it bakes, the apples combine with the sugar to create a juicy sauce that bubbles as it thickens. The result is a light dessert with all of the best textures – crunchy, chewy, and tender – in one bite. Heat it before serving and pair it with ice cream for a treat that will have them lining up for seconds.