Inside Atlanta: Atlanta’s Chief Bicycle Officer Becky Katz

She shares her favorite spots in Atlanta

Inside Atlanta: Becky Katz

We're back with our series Inside Atlanta – each week, we sit down with influential locals to talk about what Atlanta means to them. Today we’re chatting with Atlanta’s first-ever chief bicycle officer Becky Katz. You may have seen Katz traveling around the city on her bike with big floral panniers. Katz has helped make Atlanta a more bicycle-friendly city as she guides decisions about bicycle infrastructure and planning, including an upcoming bike share system. An active member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Katz has a unique perspective on the city’s neighborhoods as she experiences them while strolling on two wheels.

Today we get a tour of The Big Peach lead by Katz herself.

I live in…Adair Park—it’s a short bike to downtown and surrounding amenities, and close to the West End Marta station. Also, [I’ve got] amazing neighbors and [love the] spirit of the generational community that has lived in SW Atlanta long before I moved here. I hope as the city grow that we all can work together to ensure our communities remain diverse and maintain the history of the areas.”

I Wish People Knew… “That you have to live in Atlanta to truly understand it. NYC, San Francisco, Seattle — people can understand them even as a tourist, but Atlanta — the true spirit of Atlanta — shows itself later. It takes time like true love takes time. But one day, you wake up and can’t help but say, ‘wow, Atlanta, I get it.’” 

You Can Find Me… “Drinking coffee on my front porch.”

It’s Dinner Time, I’m headed to… Desta, Dua, Mi Barrio, and Healthful Essence. All are affordable, delicious and in different parts of the city. Food is a great way to explore Atlanta’s different neighborhoods.”

Clock strikes 5 o’clock, I’m drinking…Monday Night’s beer. Other favorites around Atlanta are the Pimm’s Cup at Empire State South, the Aubrey Horne at The Bookhouse Pub and any of the rotating cocktails at Octane-Westside.”

If I Had to Stay in a Hotel, I’d check into… “The W Midtown, which is fabulous. But if I was making a recommendation to a visitor, I would say to stay at the Urban Oasis Bed and Breakfast on Krog Street. It looks amazing.”

Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret Is…MARTA buses. There’s this weird perception in Atlanta that ‘MARTA goes nowhere,’ but between my bike, the train, and the bus network, I can get most anywhere in the city. Try the system out people! Also, Lionel Hampton Trail and South Fork Creek Trail are my favorite places to get lost in nature."

When I’m Playing Tourist, I go to… “The Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The programming and incorporation of art and landscape blow my mind. The Atlanta BeltLine Eastside trail which I use mostly as a commuter, but when friends and family visit I like to take them on a stroll and be a tourist in my own city.”

I Get My Sweat On… “Biking to work, meetings, and fun. And at Inspire Aerial Arts!”

I Love Spending My Money At... “The Beehive ATL for gifts and jewelry, Highland Row Antiques for furniture and decor, and for food, Your Dekalb Farmers Market.