Asian and Australian Airlines with Airfare Deals

The Great Wall of China is among the most popular attractions for budget travelers in Asia.
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Finding last-minute travel deals in Asia can be quite a challenge, but the search often proves worthwhile. For North Americans, it can be expensive to fly to Asia or Australia. Even a small discount on airfares can make a huge difference.

One of the best places to find discount airfares are on special offer pages on web sites for carriers that travel extensively in this part of the world. The links provided here will take you directly to those pages. Don't be discouraged if an eye-popping deal isn't available when you visit a site. Many times, airlines will wait until the last-minute to slash prices and fill otherwise empty seats.

Always be certain to check the terms and conditions of the fare sale. 

Air Asia is one of the premier budget carriers in this part of the world. They bill themselves as having the "widest network, lowest fares." While that is certainly marketing hype, it's usually worth checking their fares as you plan itineraries to the cities Air Asia serves.

Air China has a deals page, but it sometimes takes a while for the pages to load. At the very top of the page, click the Chinese flag icon for a pull-down menu that will allow for the English version of the home page. If you're making flight connections within China, the fares frequently are competitive.

Cathay Pacific will email you their last-minute deals that are available for 48 hours only. For deals with a longer shelf life, they offer a "deal of the month." One example of these is "20 percent off flights from the U.S. to India." Dragonair is one of China's most popular airlines. It operates within the Cathay Pacific System. 

Hainan Air flies throughout China and lists a simple page with 5-10 of their best offers. These will appear based on the language and country of origin you select when first accessing their site.

JAL doesn't offer a special deals page, but there are promotional offers linked from the home page. 

Jetstar is an Australian carrier with service connections to Honolulu and throughout Asia. This page will offer a fairly wide selection of low fares by destination.

Qantas is a major world airline based in Australia. It offers a Web Deals and Stopovers page makes offers to both U.S. and Canadian travelers.

Regional Express flies to smaller Australian airports from hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Known as "Rex" for short, the airline offers lower fares to travelers willing to pay with cash.

Singapore Airlines promotes its deals from San Francisco on their home page. Best of the Web fares on the home page, but there is a special page devoted to Local Promotions from the USA.

Virgin Australia offers an extensive schedule of flights across the country. It bought Skywest, which was based in Perth, and promised to grow the former airline's services.

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