Best Weather and Events for June Travel in Asia

Weather, Events, and Where to Travel in June

Hong Kong - Asia in June
••• Hong Kong is not the place to travel in June!. d3sign / Getty Images

Asia in June can be tricky. Figuring out where to travel largely depends on the transitioning weather, but you'll also want to take some big summer festivals into consideration.

While places in Southeast Asia such as Borneo and Bali have less rain, crowds surge. Australians in the Southern Hemisphere will be looking to escape winter by grabbing cheap flights. Thailand and its neighbors will just be starting into the rainy season.

A lot of popular destinations in East Asia such as Beijing will have already emerged from spring. Urban humidity really traps the heat. Rainfall increases with temperatures that peak in July and August.

Luckily, Asia is big enough to find lots of pleasant getaways with nice weather! Besides, life — and travel — go on during the monsoon seasons. With a little luck, you’ll have plenty of sunny days to enjoy those low-season prices.

Asia Events and Festivals in June

Big festivals in Asia can cause business closures, price increases, transportation delays, and enormous crowds to gather. None of those things are fun if you aren't expecting them.

On the other hand, arriving in advance to enjoy the festivities will certainly add to the memories of your trip. Don't "just barely" miss a festival by a day or two — you'll regret it.

Many Asian festivals are based on lunisolar calendars, so dates may change from year to year.

The following big events have the potential to hit in June:

  • Buddha’s Birthday: Gautama Buddha’s birthday is observed throughout Asia. It is even considered a public holiday in some countries. Although much of Asia celebrates the auspicious day on the fourth month of the lunisolar calendar, dates vary country by country. Temples are especially festive and alcohol sales are usually banned on the special day.
    • Rainforest World Music Festival: The Rainforest World Music Festival held every summer just outside of Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo, is a three-day cultural experience highlighting the Dayak indigenous culture of Borneo. Daily workshops are followed by performances from bands that arrive from all over the world. The festival brings money and awareness to a region greatly affected by palm oil plantation deforestation. The RWMF is an excellent time to visit Borneo and learn about indigenous culture.
    • Gawai Dayak: The Gawai Dayak festival is on June 1 every year and celebrates indigenous culture in Sarawak, Borneo.
    • Bali Arts Festival: Traditional Balinese dance, arts, performances, and exhibitions of many kinds are spread throughout June, the busiest month on the island. Venues vary and are spread around; pick up a program when you arrive to Bali.
    • Ramadan: While the date for Ramadan changes each year, you should check to see if you'll be traveling during Ramadan. Muslim people will be fasting during daylight hours and mosques may be temporarily off limits to tourists.
    • Indian Festivals: As always in India, there are many festivals in June. With such a diverse mix of ethnic groups and religions, you'll always be near some kind of celebration!

      Where to Go to Enjoy Asia in June

      Finding the best weather around Asia in June is a balancing act between monsoon rains and hot days.

      While the dry, sunny tourist season winds down in Thailand (it's such a popular destination, you may never notice!), Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, it's time to go elsewhere. Travelers usually look to Indonesia where the weather is dry and beautiful.

      Malaysia is split. Kuala Lumpur and the islands on the east coast (Tioman Island and the Perhentians) experience better weather in June than the islands on the west coast (Penang and Langkawi). KL gets plenty of rain pretty much throughout the year, but June is one of the drier months.

      Urban centers such as Hong Kong and Beijing can become suffocating in June, as pollution traps humidity. To make matters worse, there are often more rainy days than sunny days.

      The rainy season hits hard for Tokyo and Japan in June. June is often the rainiest month. But showers only seems to last a short while before turning into steamy humidity.

      In India, the southwest monsoon begins creeping its way up the west coast in early June. The rain comes in abundance to Mumbai.

      Traveling During Rainy Season

      Although a rainy vacation doesn't sound so appealing, countries experiencing the start of their monsoon rains can still be enjoyed.

      Unless Mother Nature is moody, there should still be frequent sunny days. As a bonus, traveling during the low season usually means less crowds and significant discounts on activities and accommodation.

      Before making the decision to travel during the low season, do some research. Some islands, such as Koh Lanta in Thailand, are very seasonal. Most of the guesthouses and restaurants will close up. Trash may gather on the beaches because businesses stop picking it up.

      Places with the Best Weather

      • Sumatra, Indonesia (fewer rainy days than usual)
      • Malaysian Borneo (fewer rainy days than usual)
      • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      • Indonesia, especially Bali
      • Tioman Island and the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

      Places with the Worst Weather

      • Much of China (rain, heat, and humidity)
      • North and South Vietnam (rain)
      • Much of Japan (rain and humidity)
      • Shanghai (rain and humidity)
      • Hong Kong (rain and humidity)
      • Langkawi and Penang in Malaysia (rain)

      Bali in June

      June is a peak month for weather and tourism in Bali. The already jam-packed island gets even more crowded. Although you’ll enjoy plenty of sunny days, you’re going to have to share with surfers, families, and the many Australians who grab cheap flights there to escape winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

      This doesn't mean you should avoid going. Bali is still one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia. Just be prepared to share!

      Thailand in June

      June is a strange month for Thailand. The rainy season should technically start before June, but sometimes much to the dismay of rice farmers, the monsoon is delayed.

      Thailand can be very hot in June, particularly if the monsoon is running late. Although the high season should be winding down around then, Thailand doesn't get much of a break. A new surge of summer travelers — families with children out of school and backpackers on summer breaks — head to the islands.

      Vietnam in June

      Vietnam’s more than 2,000 miles of coastline and oblong shape make weather differ around the country month by month.

      Central Vietnam and destinations such as Hoi An, Nha Trang, and Dalat are the best options in June. Saigon and other places will be getting plenty of rain. Hanoi and the north also receive their share of storms in June, putting a serious damper on the trekking around Sapa.

      Japan in June

      The Japanese archipelago is spread across a wide swath of the Pacific, so climate varies depending on latitude.

      June is a rainy month for Tokyo. The heavy showers do little to cool down rising temperatures. Expect very hot, muggy afternoons in the city dotted with thunderstorms.

      Occasionally, tropical storms and big weather phenomenons shake things up in the region. Vietnam and Japan are especially susceptible.