Asia in July

Where to Go in July for Big Events and Good Weather

Asia in July: Where to Go
••• Much of Indonesia enjoys great weather in July. Arand / Getty Images

Unless you go high in the Himalayas, Asia in July is hot — sticky, three-shower-a-day hot — in many places.

Popular destinations such as Thailand will mostly be inundated with rain in July. India will be at the peak of their monsoon season. July is the hottest and wettest month in Beijing. Unless you go to higher elevations, you'll mostly find heat and humidity throughout Asia in July. Summer will be in full force.

To really enjoy consecutive sunny days in Southeast Asia, you'll want to head south: all the way to Bali, Malaysia's Perhentian Islands, or even West Sumatra for a unique experience that's a bit off the well-trodden tourist trail through Southeast Asia.

Asian Festivals and Events in July

Big summer festivals in Asia are fun, but they also cause prices to increase for airfare and accommodation. Arrive early to secure a spot or steer clear!

  • Georgetown Heritage Day: (July 8) Both Malacca and Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia, became UNESCO World Heritage Sites on July 8, 2008. The occasion is celebrated with a big festival throughout Penang and Malacca with — you guessed it — lots of delicious street food.

      Where to Go to Enjoy Asia in July

      Busy cities such as Beijing and Hong Kong will be sweltering with urban humidity trapped in the city. The rain in Tokyo begins to subside a little around the second half of July. India will be dealing with monsoon season throughout most of the country.

      To really enjoy traveling through Asia in July, have plenty of indoor activities in mind and plan some days away from the hot cities — or head to Bali for peak season like everyone else!

      Places with the Best Weather

      • Sumatra, Indonesia
      • Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo
      • Indonesia
      • Parts of Malaysia
      • Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Nha Trang)

      Places with the Worst Weather

      • China (heat and rain)
      • Japan (heat and rain)
      • Hong Kong (rain and humidity)
      • India (heat and rain)
      • Cambodia (rain)
      • Laos (rain)
      • Myanmar/Burma (rain)
      • Hanoi, Vietnam (rain)

      Traveling During the Monsoon Season

      Travel is still possible — and even enjoyable — during the monsoon season in Asia. You’ll often get to enjoy many sunny days along with discounted prices and less crowds. From year to year, no one knows for sure when the monsoon season with start or stop. Intensity varies as well.

      You can learn to live around the heavy afternoon showers, although tropical depressions can move into an area and spread steady rain for a week or longer.

      India in July

      Although Delhi and Mumbai will be receiving maximum rainfall, it won't put a damper on the many summer festivals that take place in July.

      With such a diversity of people and beliefs across the subcontinent, India always has something going on! July is no different, despite the rain. Traveling during India's monsoon season can still be enjoyable.

      China in July

      China will be hot, humid, and wet during July. The average afternoon temperature in Beijing will be 87 F — but it feels well over 100 degrees once concrete and pollution are added to the equation. Fortunately, locals really like to crank up the air conditioning indoors!

      Conveniently, Xi'an (home of the terracotta warriors) is even hotter, they get a few less rainy days during July.

      Southeast Asia’s Islands in July

      Why stick around the humid cities when gorgeous islands are waiting with perfect weather?

      July is peak season for Bali, the Gili Islands in Indonesia, and the islands on the east coast of Malaysia. Bali will be especially busy; winter in the Southern Hemisphere really draws crowds to the island.

      The Perhentian Islands and Tioman Island in Malaysia are excellent destinations in July. Finding accommodation on Perhentian Kecil in July can be tricky as the crowds gather for peak season — arrive early!

      If traveling to Thailand, opt for the islands in the Gulf of Thailand — they’ll be receiving less rain in July. Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao are the best options to escape the rain plaguing the rest of Thailand. Islands on the Andaman (west) side of Thailand will be dealing with with rain.

      Singapore in July

      The weather in Singapore stays fairly consistent throughout the year with sunny and intermittent showers.

      Afternoon thunderstorms can pop up at any time, sending travelers scurrying for the nearest mall. Rainfall increases slightly in August then drops back to average in September. November, December, and January are typically the wettest months in Singapore, so you'll be fine there in July.