Asia in Fall

Fall Weather and Festivals in Asia

••• A monsoon season storm moves into the islands. Photo by Greg Rodgers

Asia in fall is pleasant as temperatures in hot and humid climates become more bearable. Seasonal monsoon shifts cause popular destinations such as Thailand and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia to begin drying out in the fall. Fall is the perfect time to travel in many parts of Asia!

India in Fall

Ideally, the monsoon season in India winds down sometime in October, but weather is always unpredictable. Once the rains stop, temperatures will remain pleasant in many parts of India until heat builds back to unbearable levels during the spring months.

Fall is a great time to visit Himalayan destinations in the north of India while humidity is low and views are great. Some places start becoming inaccessible around November due to snow-clogged mountain passes.

China in Fall

Rainfall drops off significantly in Beijing between August and September. Temperatures become slightly more tolerable, despite Beijing’s infamous pollution still trapping a lot of heat in the city. November temperatures can be quite cool throughout central and northern parts of China. National Day on October 1 is one of China’s biggest holiday periods; Beijing becomes absolutely overrun with Chinese travelers enjoying the holiday.

Japan in Fall

The fall months are very comfortable in Japan; temperatures in Tokyo average between 59 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit in October. August and September are the two peak typhoon months for Japan, so keep an eye on tropical storm forecasts and know what to do if dangerous weather hits.

Southeast Asia in Fall

Fall marks the transition between monsoon season and the dry season in much of Southeast Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and others will slowly begin to dry up around November -- although, not all at once because of their different locations. Meanwhile, countries in the south such as Indonesia will just be beginning their rainy seasons around that time.

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Nepal in Fall

Fall, particularly October, is considered the best time to visit Nepal while humidity is low but the snow hasn’t moved in yet. Although there are more wildflowers in the spring, trekking opportunities abound, and some of the biggest festivals take place in the fall.

Sri Lanka in Fall

Sri Lanka is unique in that it experiences two distinct monsoon periods. But, if like most visitors, your goal is to enjoy the popular beaches in the south of the island, November is a great time to go. Monsoon rains should be tapering off and the crowds haven’t moved in on the beaches yet.

Asian Festivals in Fall

Harvest time and changes in climate make for plenty of great festivals throughout Asia in September, October, and November. Many of these festivals are big enough to potentially cause transportation delays and jumps in accommodation prices -- arrive early or steer clear until the holiday period is over!

Traveling During Monsoon Seasons in Fall

Although dealing with daily rain doesn’t sound like very much fun on a trip, there are some advantages to traveling during the monsoon season. Temperatures are often cooler, major attractions are less crowded, and you’ll certainly find better deals on accommodation in Asia. With less tourists around, locals are often more willing to negotiate prices with you.